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There are different types of laminate, but the best is HPL

These are the finishes par excellence in modern kitchens: their quality lies, especially in recent times, in their incredible imitative ability, which accurately reproduces other materials at a fraction of the cost. The advances in production have now achieved extremely high levels of imitation, and are capable of duplicating any type of surface, from wood to cement effect.

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Laminate tops for Snaidero kitchens are made with particle board that is moisture resistant, and HPL (HIGH PRESSURE LAMINATE) i.e. a laminate consisting of several layers of paper impregnated with thermosetting resins and compacted through the combined action of heat (140°/150°) and high pressure (< 7MPa). The result is a stable and non-reactive material, which is hygienic, waterproof and highly resistant to abrasion, scratches and contact with food.


To clean these types of surfaces, we recommend you use non-abrasive, neutral liquid detergent solutions diluted in water (solution at 10-20%) or concentrated if surfaces are very dirty and greasy, applying it over the whole surface using a soft sponge. After rinsing, we suggest you dry the surfaces with a clean, soft cloth to avoid water stagnation and the formation of limescale stains.