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– check the correct functioning of the site;

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– analyse the users’ use of the site, also by providing personalised services or advertising and even through third parties.

This site uses the following cookies:

  • Technical and functional cookies: these cookies are used in order to guarantee the transmission of electronic communication, to allow the site to function correctly, to guarantee its security, to remember the user’s site preferences set during a previous visit to the site (e.g. site language), making the navigation of the site easier.

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  • Marketing cookies: these cookies are used, even through third parties, to show a user who has visited the site, personalised advertising also on other sites, analysing the user preferences set while browsing the site. For example, if a user views certain products on the site, these products, or similar products, may later be displayed as advertisements on other sites. To provide this service, it is necessary to recognise the user in question not only on our web site, but also on others, which is why third-party cookies from service suppliers are also used.

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It will always be possible to change the preferences set.

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