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08 September 2015
eric's pictureeric


Goodmorning, We have bought a Snaidero kitchen (Way) which will be installed at the end o f the year. We have chosen a 4 door cabinet with wood against the backwall and a cooking-island 257 x 120.At one side of the island we have drawers (120) and on the other side 4 cabinets (cos of the dishwasher).Lately I have been trying to find out what accesories there are (like a better system for the knives instead of the plastic one that comes standard), what pull-out drawers can be installed in the wallcabinet so I don't need to bend down very deep to see whats in the cabinet (I have a bad back), what pullout metal system there is for the cabinet under the sink, etc.I can't find a good brochure that has all the possibilities na d the company that sold the kitchen didn't give us the possibilities when we bought the kitchen (which is rather stupid of them, but such is life...). Could you please direct me to an overview of all the extra's? Thank you, Kind regards, Eric Bal
esperto's pictureExpertesperto

Hello Eric,
we recommend you to contact the retailer where you bought your kitchen and ank them to assit you with the selection of all the accessories fitting your space and needs.

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