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Michele Marcon

The aesthetic value of an object can get into the eyes and into the heart, but it is only when its formal harmony meets a specific function that its immortality is secured. The object turns into a public consumer good, as each individual must freely and conscientiously use beauty and usefulness. Design must aim to this purpose.

Born in Castelfranco in 1970, Michele Marcon has always had a fascination for art, conceptual design and functional aesthetics. After obtaining a diploma in graphic arts, he attended the Cittadella school of art, where he first became acquainted with graphic design for the advertising world, and this training would be an important influence throughout his career. 

Over the years, Michele Marcon has experimented in the fields of industrial and interior design, working for numerous companies in the furniture industry and, over a fruitful twenty-year collaboration, calling on the experience and trust of unforgotten designer of international renown Lino Codato.  

From his earliest experiences which, although raw were always deeply rooted in the principle of functionality and convenience, his style has matured today and has a solid foundation on the value of innovation, backed by his experience and knowledge of most industrial and manufacturing processes.

Over the years he has embraced development and design in numerous areas of industry and interior design. He has worked with companies like Snaidero, Milldue, Pamar, Haute Material, Best and many others. He designs products that are technically diverse, but all feature his distinctive clean, sober, essential style, which, at the same time, is free, lively and vibrant. 

Michele Marcon remains an interior designer, involved in numerous residential and commercial projects. His chosen path means that he does not restrict himself to industrial environments. Instead, he contextualises and creates connections between professionals, craftsmen and collaborators from various sectors. His continuous evolution and research lead him to experimentation and innovation, all dictated by a deep passion for his work and methods.

His collaboration with Snaidero has been an important step, a turning point which has allowed him to apply his design ideas to a very modern living concept. His work is based on his technical knowledge and experience, and aims to bring forth products that can be reproduced, are technically feasible, stylistically fascinating and easy to sell. He does not distort, but rather takes on the communicative message of a company that has had strong roots in the industry since 1946.