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The peninsula kitchen layout is a solution for open-plan spaces

The peninsula kitchen layout is a solution for open-plan spaces: in this case, it is the ideal solution as it creates a perfect separation between the kitchen itself and the living space without requiring any other dividing elements. You can choose between an "L" or "U" shape to create a kind of inlet where you could also close off the dining area with tables and chairs.

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To build a peninsula kitchen, you must have decent room for manoeuvre: as a guide, a peninsula should be at least 180 to 190 cm long and at least 70 cm deep. With smaller dimensions, there is the risk that the kitchen design might be impractical for moving around and working.

What are the benefits of a peninsula kitchen?

  1. This layout gives your kitchen a certain "dynamism" and is often used in small apartments to separate the cooking area from the living area;
  2. The kitchen peninsula counter – besides giving you more surface areas and storage capacity – can easily be used as a snack area for breakfast or quick bites;
  3. If the counter is equipped with a hob, the bonus is being able to cook easily while overlooking the living area, rather than facing the wall;

On this last point, you need to carefully consider the option of equipping your peninsula with electrical and hydraulic fittings and possibly installing a hood to extract fumes and smells produced during food preparation.

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