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The in-line layout is the most compact solution

The in-line layout is the most compact solution for your various kitchen components (sinks, appliances, counter tops, containers, etc.), which are arranged in a line or on the same wall. Current trends when planning the spaces of modern apartments have made this a very common layout: today's homes usually have either small spaces or large shared ones.  

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Our advice is to opt for this solution especially if you have a long and narrow space. However, its size must stay within certain limits, otherwise your kitchen space might prove to be out of proportion or impractical. With this layout, your water, electricity and gas installations will all be on one wall. Our recommendation is to place the gas outlets near the window so you can clear fumes and odours quickly.

There are essentially two benefits of an in-line layout:

  1. Space savings especially for studio apartments with a joint living area;
  2. Having a full and efficient kitchen area even if your space is very narrow. If you have little space, for example, you should choose a single bowl sink, which you can combine with useful accessories, such as cutting boards, racks and drainers. For the oven, you can choose either a high or low position, the important thing is that you have enough space to open it.

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