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A kitchen with a free-standing island is everyone's dream

A kitchen with a free-standing island is everyone's dream: it conveys the idea of a professional kitchen and provides extensive and advanced solutions. The centre island can be equipped with a hob and/or sink, or be used for food preparation only. In both cases, the space underneath can be easily optimised with drawers and baskets.

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When can you make a kitchen with an island?

_ The ideal space to have surrounding the island is 120 cm – this allows you to comfortably open the doors of the island and any columns placed along the wall at the same time. In any case, the minimum space needed for your work space is 100 cm.;

_ If you opt for an island with facilities, all checks must be made to ensure the correct layout of the electrical and hydraulic connections;

What are the benefits of a kitchen with an island?

  1. The first advantage is of course its aesthetics, making the kitchen interior elegant and professional;
  2. Excellent space-optimisation, both for food preparation and storing pots and pans;
  3. If there are two of you cooking, everything is easier as you can move easily around the space without bumping into one another;
  4. With the snack bar, it's even more practical, especially for breakfast or quick bites;
  5. An island kitchen is perfect for kids! Not only because it gives mums an open view over the living area to always keep an eye out, but also because it naturally promotes spending time together, perhaps even to do chores and homework;
  6. An island kitchen is extremely versatile from a design point of view, with furnishings that can be arranged: in a U-shape (along 3 walls) – the centre island can be of minimal size made up of a simple counter; in an L-shape including the sink – this will let you put a hob on the island, but means it will be larger and require electrical and gas fittings; with the in-line layout – the island will go in front and also include the sink and possibly a dishwasher, so you will need to have water outlet fittings as well as electrical connections;

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