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The corner layout is one of the most practical

The corner layout is one of the most practical in terms of the distance between the fridge, sink and hob. You can create a perfect triangle between these components to be able to move around easily and have everything at your fingertips.

In the case of a small corner kitchen, the key factor is space optimisation. Snaidero's collection is full of space-saving solutions: corner bases with cabinets and pull-out baskets, spacious corner cupboards with integrated lighting, and tray shelves for accessories and small utensils. You should avoid designing spaces that are too full and closed in, opting instead for alternating storage solutions with open-plan layouts. We recommend light and bright colours.

realizzazione cucina moderna Orange Evolution realizzazione cucina moderna Orange Evolution 

Whereas, for large corner kitchens, you can use the space available to integrate all modern removable and revolving mechanisms, giving you excellent storage capacity with great comfort.

realizzazione cucina moderna Loft realizzazione cucina moderna Loft 

Space-permitting, there are also interesting solutions to open up the kitchen and living areas with open-plan solutions (bases, panelling, mantels), which ensure continuity with the furnishings of the living area and allow you to display the books, ornaments or small collections that create the distinct atmosphere and style of those who live there.

cucina moderna Orange Evolution cucina moderna Orange Evolution

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