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Decorating a small kitchen requires great care and experience

Decorating a small kitchen might seem difficult and demotivating, but it actually requires great care and experience, and can give you a lot of satisfaction. Yet it is important to follow some basic planning rules:

  1. Space-saving solutions. First of all, it is essential to opt for space-saving furnishing solutions to achieve the highest capacity with the smallest bulk. All wall units and cupboards in our collection are available in the standard heights but can also be adjusted as desired up to a maximum height of 274 cm. This is thanks to the upper-cabinet components which can be used to stow away all the tools and accessories you use least often;

cucina moderna orange cucina moderna orange

  1. Small kitchen, light colours. Opt for bright and cheerful colours with preferably light tones to give the interior maximum light;

cucina moderna First cucina moderna First 

  1. Corridor kitchen, in-line solution. If you have a pass-through corridor, the ideal solution is a one-wall layout, paying close attention to the lighting and purpose, which will have to be just right for a space that does not face outwards;
  2. Smart furnishings. MoCareful choices must be made for the furnishings, avoiding those with doors that often have little storage space and make it difficult to move around. Open-plan shelves, surfaces, and under-cabinet accessories get the green light;

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