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New solutions that go far beyond the classic kitchen design

Around the world more and more people consider the kitchen as the centre of the house and therefore seek inspiration and individual ideas not only from a functional point of view but also in aesthetic terms. Just like we do. Now Snaidero provides new solutions that go far beyond the classic kitchen design: let us show you some.


With standard or recessed handles, with profiles or push-pull mechanisms: units can be opened using various solutions, depending on your taste and functional needs. All solutions are characterised by efficiency and functionality. It depends on the final effect you desire: kitchen with stylish touches or linear and rigorous design? The choice is yours.

cucina moderna board  Dettaglio su cucine componibili Snaidero - Way - foto 9 Cucine ad angolo Snaidero - Orange - foto 5 


When composing a kitchen, the choice of colours is extremely personal. For the less daring and for lovers of aesthetic qualities such as refinement and minimalism, we have provided you with the opportunity of customising your kitchen space with little splashes of colour on handles, profiles and/or plinths.

realizzazione cucina moderna Orange Evolution realizzazione cucina moderna Orange Evolution 


For those who love lightweight spaces and volumes, we can offer the suspended-effect design solution: the deeply-recessed plinth, available in two different heights (23 cm and 10 cm) can be applied to bases, islands and cupboards; it offers original compositional elements combined with an infinite number of customised materials.

cucine componibili Snaidero - Way - foto 5 cucine componibili Snaidero - Way - foto 6 


“Custom-made quality” in Snaidero, also from a design point of view, thanks to wall units and cupboards with increased depths and adjustable heights to guarantee maximum flexibility and all the storage you want. Snaidero kitchens can be designed to use cupboards and wall units that are made-to-measure, namely modules that are standard but which have been made flexibility with variability to the centimetre. In actual fact, Snaidero standard elements provide those advantages that usually come with custom-made furniture. The wall units are in fact available in the standard heights of 49, 62, 75 and 105 cm but can be height-adjusted to the cm, up to a maximum of 134 cm. This factor, combined with the increased depth to 35 cm, makes it possible to cope with the storage needs of the largest families! Even the cupboards in their standard heights of 130, 182 and 208 cm can reach maximum heights of 274 cm, thanks to the over-tall unit elements that can be used to store all the appliances and accessories which are seldom used.

Dettaglio su cucine ad angolo Snaidero - Orange - foto 5 Dettaglio su cucine ad angolo Snaidero - Orange - foto 7 


Decorating a small kitchen might seem difficult and demotivating, but it actually requires great care and experience, and can give you a lot of satisfaction. Yet it is important to follow some basic planning rules: discover our guide for DESIGNING SMALL SPACES.

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