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15 December 2011
modern kitchen way


A design with well-defined proportions, minimalist contours and a sophisticated range of finishes and colours.

WAY represents a PURE AND CLEAR-CUT ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN. The fusion of volumes and the modularity of the units are enhanced by an apparent simplicity which is built on careful attention to detail. The main characteristic of this project is its impressively CLEAN AESTHETIC AND STYLE. The design's distinguishing feature is the WAY it highlights the continuity that exists between elements.

WAY is a kitchen that has been conceived with edging in mind, and thus has a clear design, free of unnecessary accessories and decorative elements. The HANDLES ADD A PERSONALISED TOUCH TO THE DESIGN aesthetic: they extend seamlessly across surfaces, highlighting the rigorous linear development of the project. In terms of materials, the handles are made from anodized aluminium alloy with a titanium finish, and they run across all of the kitchen surfaces, both on base and tall unit doors. The solid nature of the design is rounded off by aluminium profiles, which as far as the tall units are concerned, can extend horizontally as well as vertically. This is a touch of class which unfolds across the whole composition, completing and enriching it.

WAY favours finishes such as wood combined with sophisticated and yet not prevailing nuances offered in a wide variety of colours and manufacturing technologies, ranging from lacquered and metallized lacquered solutions to the innovative and exclusive mica lacquering, which gives surfaces an extremely discrete preciousness. The project dons domestic settings with both traditional and innovative materials, PROVIDING A RANGE OF OVER 100 DOOR VERSIONS WITH DIFFERENT COLOURS AND FINISHES: a product that meets modern needs to customize spaces.

Last but not least is WAY'S "GREEN" VOCATION: a kitchen with a forward look, as its design is based on quality criteria that protect the environment by improving the quality of life inside the home. WAY uses eco-friendly wood from reserves certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which establishes the right balance between tree-cutting and forest planting. More importantly, for the carcase of the kitchen it employs a LOW-EMISSION PANEL with wood particles with very low formaldehyde emissions – which have been drastically reduced to less than half of the E1 European standard.

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