21 November 2021
Snaidero celebrates the centenary of the birth of his founder Rino Snaidero

The birth and success of Snaidero are intertwined with the story of its founder Rino Snaidero, whose 100th anniversary is on 21 November

The birth and success of Snaidero are intertwined with the story of its founder Rino Snaidero, whose 100th anniversary is on 21 November. A pioneer of Friulian industrialism who in January 1946 decided to take up the challenge of the times and what would later be the bet of a lifetime. A bet based on ingenuity and industriousness, in a word on the virtue of work. An incessant work that led Rino Snaidero to create his first artisan workshop in 1946, employing 16 people, and masterfully producing furniture for radios, bars, bedrooms and windows.
A carpentry workshop which in 1959 was transformed into a factory and Rino Snaidero & C was born. The founder is ahead of his time and starts the industrial production of modular kitchens that completely revolutionize the kitchen space. In the shed built in the parents’ garden in Doveacco, new machinery enters and mass production begins. The factory immediately needed more space and so with the first savings Rino Snaidero bought the land in Viale Rino Snaidero where the headquarters of the Snaidero Group are still located today. Since the 1960s, Rino Snaidero has ushered in, among the first, the era of designer design, weaving relationships with the best exponents of Made in Italy design, from Mangiarotti to Gae Aulenti, from Offedi to prestigious studios. Pininfarina and Iosa Ghini.
These are the years of the economic boom, of the great changes in the social, political and economic life of the country, but Rino Snaidero keeps the helm anchored to principles of responsibility, beauty and innovation. And the kitchen becomes “a corner of happiness”, as stated in a television advertisement of the time. The space of the house where the most relevant metamorphoses take place. New materials, colors, appliances, gas-powered hobs, aesthetics.
From the collaboration with the designers, projects of refined beauty are born, worthy of being hosted, as in the case of the Spazio Vivo kitchen, at Moma in New York, a true international avant-garde temple. In the seventies, Rino Snaidero consolidated, becoming a managerial reality recognized in the area and also abroad. The culture of work is breathed within the factory among all the collaborators. In 1975, the newly appointed Cavaliere del Lavoro Rino Snaidero entrusted Angelo Mangiarotti with the design of the new company headquarters, still the flagship of the company and symbol of the Snaidero brand in the area. The following years focused on the global growth of the Group, the development of home automation technology, the research of innovative materials and finishes and the design of quality and design kitchens. Snaidero this year celebrates 75 years of history and boasts an international presence in 86 countries with 800 stores. An important anniversary because the longevity of a brand is in itself proof that a company and its products contain values ​​that have been able to express themselves and take root over time.
Thanks to the combination of tradition and innovation, Snaidero is today among the most recognized Italian design companies in the world. But the roots are firmly established in the Friulian territory and the company has decided to continue investing in Friuli, the land that gave it its birth, completely renovating the Mobilsnaidero store in Majano and renovating, with the same exhibition format, also the other historical partner of Faedis, Ognistil. Thanks to its heritage, Snaidero is able to offer unique products, a synthesis of functionality and sustainability, capable of combining design, distinctiveness and style to offer a kitchen product that is increasingly capable of interpreting the needs and requirements of customers.

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