14 March 2011

VENUS - Pininfarina Design

In today’s world, the distinctive value of an object is increasingly related to its ability to convey emotions through:

- particularly attractive forms which give character and personality to a space
- the use of original materials
- a visual impact, given by the colour choices and an innovative use of light
- an ability to innovate and customise.
VENUS, designed by Pininfarina, meets all these criteria and is the kitchen designed to arouse emotions and passion.
The attraction of VENUS stems from its remarkable colour combinations and style which gracefully blend with its contours and symmetrical lines.
VENUS is the kitchen which attracts at first glance, which you will fall in love with and which conveys a strong sense of recollection.
A most appealing element is the mirror-like or parallel trend of the worktop curves and shelf. The gently contoured, symmetrical work surfaces not only have design value, but are ergonomic and functional, raised to fit a drawer at the edges and they double up as a convenient worktop too.
VENUS meets a growing need for new “sensational” materials, such as the new MICROTOUCH finish, a leather-effect micro fibre, applied to the aluminium honeycomb panel doors.
This very fine micro fibre treated with a tanning process in water guarantees an appearance and texture similar to leather and is extremely resistant and easy to clean too.
VENUS is a kitchen which arouses emotions and attracts through its colour combination of steel and bright coral-red, to reflect new trends in interiors.
After the minimal light greys, cool whites and Nordic woods, colours with bright, saturated, full, dazzling tones are making a comeback, with RED, the shade par excellence and its endless palette of hues.
With its impressive visual impact, VENUS is the ideal setting for those who wish to freely express their own imagination, turning everyday tasks and habits into remarkable daily gestures.
A strong focus on design gives VENUS outstanding flexibility in customisation and makes it stand out from the crowd with a contemporary look that will last, meeting new requirements for interiors and needs for a new lifestyle (where function combines with ambience).
VENUS is the ideal solution for new trends in living, helping people to socialise and share, with its stunning table/island/snack bar featuring streamlined surfaces and three possible heights.
The innovative design of VENUS never neglects functionality in the kitchen.
Light is an integral part of design and not merely a decorative element. It is a dazzling, starry feature which makes the most of the kitchen’s architecture.
The innovative lighting solution, an exclusive Snaidero feature, consists of LED spotlights fitted in a streamlined aluminium shelf, designed in association with CRP, a department of Fiat’s research centre, with the following benefits:
  • light is evenly distributed and controlled
  • far less heat is emitted
  • an energy saving of 83% compared to halogen bulbs
Venus: the goddess of love and beauty and the brightest and most brilliant planet in the skies. VENUS by Snaidero incorporates all these evocative elements which reflect the universally recognised concepts of beauty, sensuality and light.
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