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07 March 2011
modern kitchen time


The aesthetics of Time are based on concepts of perceived space, linearity, simplicity of design and a continuity of elements.

Time is the newest collaboration between Snaidero and two designers Lucci and Orlandini.
The aesthetics of Time are based on concepts of perceived space, linearity, simplicity of design and a continuity of elements.From a functional point of view, the apparently essential design highlights the use of unusual applications which make working in the kitchen easier


It is a fresh and essential product that features strong horizontal extension, thanks to its decisive lines, and to the possibility for customization.
The design of light, airy, new composition solutions is made possible by the use of glass wall units, worktops of differing thicknesses, and above all by hanging bases.
This new kitchen offers many possibilities in terms of modularity and finishes.

It is available in the following versions:

  • silk white or crystal white polymer laminate
  • matt lacquers in the range
  • wood: light cherry, light oak, teak, dark oak.

The door is realized by means of horizontal engravings that highlight its characteristic slats. Also, thanks to the various finishes of the door, the natural shape of the handle emerges. The aluminium alloy profile applied to the edge of the door is able to create in the composition an effective play of symmetries.

The hood with its original design is made of stainless steel and includes an intake motor with a capacity of600 m3. It sinuous design blends perfectly with the line of the wall units and is a strong element of continuity for the total balance of the composition.

Thanks also to the use of different but complementary materials such as wood, glass and aluminium, the uniformity of each element is always present.

In the lower strip that supports the sliding glass panels of each wall unit, all of the electrical equipment is housed and concealed.

The equipped counter also makes a strong impact, characterized by new multi-function solutions. Equipped with a spacious drawer unit and glass top, it contains handy spaces for storing silverware and kitchen utensils that can be seen right from the worktop thanks to its transparency.

There is also equipment under the wall unit that includes functional shelves with storage containers, plate racks and support surfaces, all made of stainless steel.

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