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02 September 2016
showroom Snaidero a Teheran


After the opening of the single-brand showroom Casaitalia in January 2016, the outlook is looking rosy for Snaidero with positive signals arriving from a market.

Casaitalia is an exclusive showroom located in Jordan Boulevard, one of the most upscale avenues in Tehran lying to the North of the city in a historically famous luxury shopping venue; it is home to the best Italy has to offer in terms of design with a sizeable Snaidero space taking up 400 of the close-on 1,000 sq.m. of the showroom.

A growing economy, rdeep-seated changes in lifestyle, an emerging generation of educated residents with an international bent and burgeoning investments all mean that Iran is a country that inspires confidence, especially after the recent March elections confirming the victory of the moderate front led by President Hassan Rouhani. And so Snaidero put its money where its mouth was and became one of the first Italian design houses to be there, tapping into the widespread desire for modernity and quality of life that is currently sweeping the nation.

showroom Snaidero a Teheran

With its 12 million inhabitants, Tehran particularly is teeming with opportunities: this is why Snaidero chose to locate its own "design boutique" in the Northern part of the city where the most affluent families dwell and where the cost of a home can even reach 10,000 US dollars per sq. m. The more well-to-do residents in the richer areas of the city often enlist the help of architects and interior designers. Italian style and taste are both well known and highly covetable which is exactly why Snaidero has taken a wager on a high-end showroom where the key factors for success are the excellence of its product presentation and its all-encompassing interior consultancy service.

With its renewed desire for modernity, thirst for the future and new-found normality, Iran asks for nothing better than to take this all on board.

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