15 March 2017
campagna spot Snaidero 2017


With the launch of its new commercial, Snaidero's 2017 communication campaign gets off to a flying start

By peeling off the layers from our Snaidero corporate slogan "KITCHENS FOR LIFE" we were able to see what lay beneath and this triggered the idea for the project. It was a perfect conceptual launch pad, but it also stands for who we are as a brand. For over 70 years, Snaidero has been effectively bridging the gap between beautiful design and functionality, producing something to suit everyone... for life.

In the commercial, the Snaidero collections act as a backdrop to 7 different sets of lives - ordinary situations showing individuals who are all at different stages of their lives and experience disparate emotions - but they all have a kiss in common. Each single scene rotates around a kiss. But it isn't the kiss itself, it is the emotion behind it. A playful kiss between two children, a teenage couple's first kiss, a kiss that seals the fate of two fiancés who want to set up home and have children of their own, an older husband and wife who still have passion in their marriage: Snaidero kitchens are a home stage for loving moments, for bone-tingling instants and unforgettable gestures. Those experiences that change us for ever and give meaning to our everyday lives.

Devised by the Unidea agency, the commercial has tapped into the key concept behind Snaidero and its Northern Italian roots and turned it into an exciting script. Snaidero kitchens accompany us throughout the most momentous occasions of our lives and the final slogan "Snaidero, kitchens for life" is a very natural way to wind it all up.

campagna spot Snaidero 2017campagna spot Snaidero 2017


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