08 January 2009

Snaidero wins the prestigious "Good Design Award"

The "Good Design Award", the prestigious award of the Design Athenaeum of Chicago, has been awarded again this year to Snaidero for Kube, the latest innovative kitchen by Offredi Design, presented by the company at Eurocucina 2008.

The long-standing "Good Design Award", established in Chicago in 1950, is today the most famous and prestigious international award for the design sector. It is awarded to designers and manufacturers who produce innovative and original ideas and who go beyond traditional product and design standards.
From the hundreds of applications that arrive from all over the world, the panel of judges,comprising architects and experts in the international design sector, confirmed the success of Kube by Snaidero because, in a single product, it combines innovation, topquality design, simplicity, functionality and strikingly contrasting shapes and materials.
Kube is the seventh Snaidero kitchen model to have received this prestigious award since 1996, following in the wake of Ola, Idea and Acropolis by Pininfarina, Time and Skyline by Lucci & Orlandini, and Venus by Pininfarina. When we also consider the award obtained in 2005 by architect Giorgio Borruso for the Snaidero showroom in downtown Los Angeles,Snaidero has achieved this award 8 times in a row.
The Good Design Award 2008 further confirms the company’s strategy based on continuous investment in research, innovation and top-design to create unique products. In fact, each kitchen is the outcome of in-depth research, which includes socio-cultural trends, product ergonomics and functionality, as well as specific research into new applications for human wellbeing in the kitchen.
Customer satisfaction and environmental protection are major factors governing all company choices, just like the pursuit of quality, which is guaranteed since Snaidero produces all its kitchens in-company.

Innovation, refined design and first-class quality have enabled Snaidero to make products of international acclaim. Snaidero confirms its position as the leading “Made in Italy” brand in the kitchen sector of the US market, thanks to its turnover and highly innovative design products.
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