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07 April 2015
Spazio Vivo Snaidero


Arts & Foods. Rituali dal 1851 is the official Expo exhibition that will be held at the Triennale of Milan from April 9 to November 1, 2015. The Spazio Vivo kitchen by Snaidero...

Arts & Foods. Rituali dal 1851 is the official Expo exhibition that will be held at the Triennale of Milan from April 9 to November 1, 2015. A world overview of the aesthetic and design bonds that have concerned food, nutrition and conviviality. The Spazio Vivo kitchen by Snaidero, designed by Forchiassin in 1963, has been selected as an icon of the appearance of the modularity notion in kitchen design.


Arts & Foods will have a chronological progression that covers the period from 1851 till now, the whole accompanied by the tributes of artists, writers, directors, graphic designers, musicians, photographers, architects and designers who have contributed to the development of the food vision and consumption. A collection and a journey in time that will creatively reflect the Theme of Milan’s Universal Expo, Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, through hundreds of works, objects and documents coming from museums, public and private institutions, collectors and artists from all over the world.

cuisine design Spazio Vivo


Arts& Foods chooses Spazio Vivo by Snaidero to recount the appearance of modular kitchens. The project begins in 1963 thanks to the architect Virgilio Forchiassin who has the intuition – at least thirty years before the other manufacturers – of an arrangement of the kitchen components that is functional and alternative to the usual alignment along the wall. This is why the kitchen has been chosen as the project symbol of that tension to search for innovative style and ergonomic solutions typical of those years, and consecrated with its exhibition in the collection of New York’s "MoMa", one of the most important modern art and design museums in the world. In fact, for its innovative style solutions, it is described as "a kitchen with deep implications, which can revolutionize the way of living the space and the family relationships, thanks to its innovative solutions". After more than 40 years, the innovation potential of this kitchen is once again acknowledged. In fact, in 2011 the "MoMa" of New York reproposed it within the important exhibition entitled "Counter Space: Design and the Modern Kitchen". The exhibition’s purpose was to explore the transformation journey of the kitchen during the 20th Century. Considered an actual indicator of the 20th Century’s social and technological changes, the kitchen has now become a space with a deep symbolic meaning and great practical importance.

cuisine italienne Spazio Vivo

Today, after more than 50 years since its first appearance, the prestigious Triennale of Milan, with Arts & Foods, acknowledges again to Spazio Vivo the merit of having revolutionized the way of living the kitchen space. Snaidero showed its deep satisfaction for this new acknowledgment that confirms how the history and culture of a company represent the true assets for our future because they make us understand that only through innovation and creativity combined with intuition, industrialization and craftsmanship one can create products that mark the kitchen’s history all over the world. 

"We are proud to be Friulians with a constant projection to the outer world” the President Edi Snaidero comments. “This acknowledgment gives us the extra drive to capitalize on our past experience, using it as an element of research and projection towards the future"

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