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11 February 2011


Snaidero reinforces its presence in the contract furnishing sector by supplying over 800 kitchens to be installed in important residential areas in New Delhi and Bangalore.

With a population of 1.2 billion and an annual GDP growth rate of over 6%, India is clearly one of the leading economic powers of the future, characterized by a new and growing awareness of design and luxury goods in general.

With its two showrooms in Bangalore and New Delhi, inaugurated between 2008 and 2010, Snaidero has established roots here in collaboration with its partner NestLinks, gradually gaining recognition and developing important contacts with architects and builders. With regard to “residential” development in India, an increase in the development of luxury homes is accompanied by the creation of true new towns for the new middle class, which mostly comprises young people with an excellent level of education and important professional positions. Snaidero is beginning to reap excellent results in two distinct strands of development (luxury and mid-range), which offer even better prospects for the future.

In recent months, Snaidero has secured three major residential projects, one in New Delhi and two in Bangalore, to install over 850 kitchens, including about 720 to be delivered in 2011.

The Sistema Zeta kitchen has been chosen for the Exotica project in New Delhi while the Certosa, Idea and Sistema Zeta kitchens will be installed for the Brigade Petunia and Oakville projects in Bangalore.

With its high quality kitchens for these contract furnishing projects, once again, Snaidero confirms its vocation as a worldwide exporter of “Made in Italy” design. The crucial features that prospective customers look for when selecting a supplier include a product that adapts to the requirements of each individual project, a dedicated service that efficiently develops orders, on-time delivery and a prompt after-sales service. These are precisely the goals that Snaidero sets itself on a daily basis in its approach to the contract furnishing sector.

With regard to development in this sector, it must be emphasised that Snaidero has longstanding experience: this began in the United States in the 1990s when the company gained recognition in the real estate sector, mainly in the area of developing "luxury" residences. Thus specializing in the contract furnishing sector afforded Snaidero a further opportunity for growth.

Since then, these exclusive kitchens from Friuli have begun to "populate" apartments all around the world: in the contract furnishing sector, from the early 1990s to date, over 20,000 kitchens have been installed worldwide in highly prestigious real estate complexes, including the Trump Tower in Chicago and Istanbul. After these achievements in the United States, the following years saw projects secured in Europe, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey, Dubai, Korea and India.

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