07 September 2010


Ola 20 will be introduced on 7th October 2010 in front of Edi Snaidero, president and chief executive officer; and in front of Paolo Pininfarina, president of the Pininfarina Extra.

SNAIDERO and PININFARINA IN RUSSIA: a successful combination
A few months after  the official presentation at the latest Salone del Mobile fair in Milan, Snaidero has chosen the Russian market to internationally launch OLA 20, the latest product born by the strong collaboration with Pininfarina group; with which the prestigious Snaidero brand has been exclusively working with; in the creation of kitchens for the last 20 years.

Snaidero, thanks to over 40 years of export experience, has become worldwide and particularly in Russia, the Italian brand that represents the “Italian lifestyle” that in the field of  kitchen design refers to its sophisticated design; to its innovation, quality, and elegance. All aspects that are well expressed in the design of OLA 20, a unique contemporary cult which has existed for 20 years and of which Snaidero proposes a  new fresh and modern concept,  without altering  the authenticity and  the originality of a great classic.

Continuously produced since 1990, Ola established the beginning of the collaboration between Snaidero and Pininfarina group; born from the intention of escaping the standardized visuals in kitchen production creating new forms still able to perform the essential functions of a kitchen.
A project with strong architectural impact, capable of solving very carefully all aspects of the house using innovative technological solutions, so that in 1996 Ola won the Good Design Award, the oldest and most important award for design that was first established in 1950 by the Chicago Athenaeum, which is an architecture, art and urban studies museum in the city of Illinois; a historical post of modern world architecture. Ola 20 traces the history of the project and at the same time making use of it; as a result the new project is precise, elegant, precise and immediate. The evolution of an idea which remains faithful to the original, being inspired by the best of its past in order to succeed in the present.

Snaidero takes the opportunity, with the renovation of its Concept Store in the heart of Moscow, to introduce for the first time the new Pininfarina project. The new flagship store became a unique exposition store made up of more than 400 square meters framed by a 30 meters glass window with the typical Snaidero colors, black and orange; which reinforce the idea of elegance, design and technology that represent the evolution of the brand and its goals achieved over the years.

These are amazing achievements that have been reached over a period of 15 years, back when “Made in Italy” on the Russian furniture market was still a challenge. With a circulation of about 40 stores in Russia, Snaidero is definitely one of the protagonists in the exportation of “Made in Italy”, so that in Snaidero's own ranking; Russia is the second biggest market, second only to the United States.

The launch of OLA 20 will be held on October 7th 2010 from 7:00 pm; President Edi Snaidero and President Paolo Pininfarina will be present, together with other distinguished guests from the world's press and Italian and Russian architecture. The event will include a press conference after which for the first time a new project will be presented which states the relevance that architecture, with all its nuances, has to Snaidero. 

On October 7th the first edition of the SNAIDERO DESIGN AWARD will take place, which was created with the intention of awarding architects and designers that have been collaborating with Snaidero in Russia. The award will be given to those who have been creating the most innovative projects while working with Snaidero. The judges, Edi Snaidero and Paolo Pininfarina, two names, the former in design and the invention, while the later with intelligence and the entrepreneurship are promoting in the world values such as beauty and uniqueness with the pride of the Italian design.

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