20 July 2017


The President Edi Snaidero outlines the direction of the company strategy

The President Edi Snaidero outlines the direction of the company strategy. Well-rounded investments, from industrial technology to proposal of the product, from communication plan to international business strategy and all with a common denominator: the INNOVATION.

How is going the market for kitchen furniture? Is it on the road to recovery?

During 2016 the brand Snaidero reported an important growth in turnover, overall by 17,7% compared to the last year. On the Italian market, Snaidero increased by +6,2 % in comparison with the last year, well above the market. We are very pleased with this positive result, which is confirming also in the first months of 2017: the big investments realised in production and business consolidate our strategy strength and fairness. The international front too is very gratifying with a double digit achievement by 34,3% , not only thanks to a retail strengthening in the strategic markets, but also thanks to the Contract division, which realised prestige projects in Singapore, England, USA, Turkey and India.

How changed the market and the product? What was your answer?

2016 was an important year for the brand Snaidero because we completed our project about reorganisation of our proposal dedicated to the transversality, translated in three product collections – ICONE, SISTEMA and EVERYONE – three words which reflect different design und stylistic tendencies. Today we can certainly say that we are one of the few Italian companies which ranges from quality entry level to luxury project of the highest order.

From the industrial point of view all this means investment in technology: more flexible and integrated plants, which can answer in real-time to the Retail or Contract requests, so they can modulate our production on a singular kitchen or on hundred units.

How important are the eco-sustainability and the new technologies today?

From all the researches results that the consumers is evolving into a greater sustainability, together with a more virtuous and green life, tied to conscious purchasing choices. In view of all this, in our company, more than the research, we follow our business sensitivity and culture. The product Snaidero is supported by a highest quality order of components and materials (certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SA8000, FSC®), which is pursued through a careful environmental policy: choosing a kitchen Snaidero today means receive replies and directions about the use of materials, that are suitable with the different furniture. It should be underlined that the materials come from tested sources, helping in this way a correct management of wood. 

Codeword: innovation.
What is the secret whereby you can propose new products and ideas for the market every year, becoming one of the worldwide more popular leading company in kitchen design

Innovation represents for us the main ingredient for facing up to changes, which concern our society, and not suffering it. We have chosen to focus our efforts on the product, in design and industrial terms, moving to, what we believe is the market’s key trend, which favour beautiful, well made products that are highly customizables and affordables. Also from the point of view of the production, make the difference is very important: for example the 20-year collaboration with Pininfarina allowed us to propose on the market the micalised lacquer, a strong and sensory finish that we borrowed from automotive. We follow a continue innovation borrowing from a technology which is directly tested by Formula One and which turns the surface into anti-dust.

Our being “kitchen experts” allow us to move liberally both on the Retail and on the Contract, in Italy and abroad. In the last month we inaugurated several shops from Madagascar to Kenya, from Russia to South Africa: these are positive signals, innovating always repay, we know for sure.

What should we expect from Snaidero in the future?

We will continue to follow the current way: the brand will become more and more transversal, embracing the choice of markets and targets, that are more and more different and particulars. all this with our specific identity and style. 

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