13 April 2021


According to the deal, for the next three years production of Rational kitchens for the German market will continue to take place at the Majano plant

Rational kitchens, established in 1963 as the German branch of the Rino Snaidero Group, produces and markets custom kitchens at international level, employing around 50 staff with a turnover of approx. €18 million a year.

Bravat is a global brand established in 1873 and known all over Germany for its sophisticated designs and high-quality products. From bathroom fittings and accessories, Bravat’s product range expanded over the years to include the development of bathroom and kitchen design technology systems.

Snaidero felt that its presence on the German market via subsidiary Rational was no longer strategic for the Group because of the needless and inefficient retail and contract distribution overlaps at European and global level with the Snaidero brand. This sale also represents a strong and permanent break with the former management and will make it possible to support the growth of the Group’s other businesses and historic brands like Arthur Bonnet and Comera in France and Eurocucina in the UK.

As such, the operation forms part of the Rino Snaidero Group strategy to focus on the development of the “Snaidero” brand, synonymous with the Made in Italy label across the world, and on the “Arthur Bonnet” and “Comera” brands, historically present on the French market, with the goal of broadening its distribution and consolidating its position in the medium to top end of a distinctive and high-quality market where design, quality and service are key success factors both in the retail and contract businesses.

Massimo Manelli, CEO of the Snaidero Group, commented: “Snaidero kitchens are ambassadors of Italian excellence across the world and synonymous with consummate craftsmanship and Italy’s unique passion for design and absolute quality. The operation we have concluded with the Bravat Group will enable us to concentrate with renewed vigour on the development of the Snaidero brand at global level and the Arthur Bonnet and Comera brands on the French market, focusing the Group’s energies even more closely on the development and marketing of unique products - the perfect blend of functionality and sustainability - which combine design, distinctiveness and style for kitchen solutions that are better able to identify the needs and requirements of our customers while at the same time improving the level of service we provide to the market. We can also say that this operation marks a definite break with the past and firmly projects the Group into the future”.