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11 May 2018
Servizio clienti Snaidero


Customer care and attention to customer needs: for Snaidero this is a corporate mission with distant origins - 1946 in fact

Panorama, an authoritative Italian weekly publication   (one of the most important and most read in Italy), carried out a survey of 18,500 people and asked them to rate the quality of the customer service provided by over 2000 brands. The result: a list of the 500 companies that treat consumers best. 

The top brand in the kitchen section is indisputably Snaidero.

 Servizio clienti Snaidero 

Customer service can make all the difference and generate brand loyalty with customers. In collaboration with Statista, Panorama published an investigation into Customer Satisfaction. Over 18,500 consumers were called and asked to rate the service offered by companies and institutions in 210 categories. Each person interviewed assessed the competitors on the basis of four criteria: availability of service, customer orientation, professional competence and whether or not they would recommend the service to friends and family. The final score was calculated on a scale of 0 to 100.

Customer care and attention to customer needs are the values that ensured Snaidero’s leadership in the “kitchen furniture” category, with a score of 79.9 points.

This is a significant milestone for the Friuli-based brand. It demonstrates not only that we are a point of reference for excellence both nationally and internationally, with a sales network in 86 countries with 450 retail outlets, but that we also place the customer firmly at the centre of our business strategy. We are aiming for long-term and effective loyalty: in this digital and interconnected world, customers are accustomed to a new level of service. Everything, right now and at the right price. Always and everywhere. And made to measure as well.

Customers recognise Snaidero’s ability to listen to them, responding to them as people rather than purchasers.

Over 70 years of history and experience make the difference. Today more than ever.

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