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13 April 2011
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Snaidero celebrates 65 years. An all Italian passion for life in the kitchen

65 years have passed since “Cavaliere” Rino Snaidero inaugurates his first laboratory for furniture production: his farsightedness and his proverbial entrepreneurial intuition boos

A magical union: of Snaidero that for over 65 years has been manufacturing and distributing in more than 80 countries in the world modular kitchens, with the people who choose them and who have always identified in them a big passion for quality, beauty and research. Values that speak to the “heart” and that inspire trust conquering people’s fidelity.

Snaidero’s history identifies with its founder’s history, "Cavaliere" Rino Snaidero, who in 1946 inaugurates his first laboratory for furniture production: he was sure about the growing demand fed by the second postwar period’s reconstruction.

The manager’s farsightedness and proverbial entrepreneurial intuition boost him to immediately understand the importance of the all Italian genius and style’s revival in the postwar period, when the peninsula’s designers and architects used to lay down the law in the world and, starting from the Sixties, the collaboration begins with some of the best names of ‘made in Italy’ design. With architect Forchiassin, who succeeds in interpreting in an innovative way the kitchen space with its motions and functions and he designs in 1968 Spazio Vivo, that is exhibited for a while at Moma (New York) and that is proposed again this year as real vanguard in terms of domestic design. Then, collaborations with Angelo Mangiarotti, a great master of contemporary architecture, Giovanni Offredi, Gae Aulenti among the best Italian architects, Paolo Pininfarina, Roberto Lucci and Paolo Orlandini, Massimo Iosa Ghini followed each other.

In practice Snaidero kitchens have always expressed themselves through different designing sensitiveness, the research of technologies, materials, experimentations, languages, contaminations, in search of the best solutions to improve life quality in the kitchen. The Nineties mark the handover to Edi Snaidero, the group’s chairman and managing director, who keeps alive his father’s pioneering spirit based on constant research and innovation.

He goes on collaborating with the best names of the Italian design and in 2006 he turns into a project this constant vocation to research and innovation, giving birth to a Foundation, Rino Snaidero Scientific Foundation, that is not just a technological-scientific excellence centre, but a real ‘factory of ideas’, enliven by the wish of generating ideas and positive values in the social, entrepreneurial, cultural and scientific field. Ideas that for 65 years have been cultivated with passion in Italy, escaping from the temptation of production globalisation and investing on the industrial excellence that has been always recognised as a big all Italian value. All Snaidero kitchens are actually manufactured in Italy through a manufacturing process organised order by order and thus expressly working on customisation, that in Snaidero is a habit. It is also a habit to make work together craftsmanship, technological progress and design: in search of a brand new creative vision, that moves away from the standard-one in the name of Snaidero kitchens’ specific qualities and above all of the emotions they arouse.

Passion and pride for the past have convinced Snaidero, over the last few years, to establish a historical archives to emphasise the huge historical and cutlural store of knowledge collected over the last 65 years: a digital platform was created where all of the proofs of the company growth’s path were collected and organised: catalogues, pictures, videos, commercials. An extraordinary collection, giving value, both in the past and in the present, to the company’s commitment in proposing products and solutions designed for the people. A group of brand new materials giving origin to a celebrating video for the anniversary that will be spread on Salone del Mobile 2011 on all Snaidero web channels.

Today Snaidero celebrates 65 years of a story based on work, research, imagination, bravery and passion and key protagonists. We’d like to thank all the people who with their trust have enabled to go on imagining new ways of living the kitchen’s area.

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