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19 January 2016
Kitchens with peninsula Snaidero - Ola 25 - photo 3


Snaidero arrives in Tehran! Iran is home to the world's fourth largest oil reserve and the second-largest natural gas reserve.

The opening of the new showroom in Tehran, in early January 2016, marks an important opportunity for Snaidero for exporting to Iran its world-renowned design and high quality. In addition, the initiative is a further step in the international development strategy that will increasingly involve both the retail and contract sectors in the forthcoming months.

Snaidero had already anticipated the trend over a year ago by selecting potential partners in Iran with which to invest in a new showroom, with the aim of making it Tehran's most prestigious kitchen and furniture retail shop. Such an important opening required a rather long time for deciding on the location – situated on the city's main street – and constructing the structure.

The exclusive showroom CASAITALIA showcases the best of ‘Made in Italy’ products and Snaidero features as an exclusive kitchen dealer, occupying roughly 400 m2 out of the total 1,000 m2 showroom area. The following four models are featured: Ola 25 Limited Edition (Design Pininfarina), Idea (Design Pininfarina), Gioconda (Iosa Ghini Design) and Orange (Design Michele Marcon). The Zareipour family, with which Snaidero collaborated for the opening of this new point of sale, is present in Italy with Continental S.r.l. based in Udine, the Italian headquarters of CASAITALIA.

"Our decision to start an important collaboration over a year ago with a major Italo-Iranian partner with which we were already acquainted for some time’ – commented Edi Snaidero, the Chairman and Managing Director of Snaidero – ‘underlines our far-sightedness in striking important partnerships, even before we'd heard of the 14 July 2015 agreement. We were therefore able to anticipate the future and are ready in time for the opening of this new point of sale situated in Jordan Boulevard, one of Tehran's luxury roads, where Snaidero will be able to optimally export its kitchens – icons of design and authentic Italian craftsmanship".

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