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08 March 2012
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One system, endless solutions. Download the catalogue!

Download Catalogue CodeOrangeWay.pdf

An all-inclusive, integrated system of industrial design for three products their own personality: this is the result of Snaidero’s experience in serving those who love our style and our values. Designing each having with Way, Code or Orange gives you free reign to create whatever you want, so you can build a space in your home that is the embodiment of your creative, functional and material vision. All this is made possible thanks to an integrated industrial design project based on the know-how and competence of a brand that has been producing kitchens for over 65 years. You can plan your Snaidero kitchen with ease, complete freedom of choice and infinite arrangement options. The only limit is your fantasy.

WAY: An innovative kitchen project, aimed at those who want to be more in control and more aware of their housing choices. People who are attentive and inquisitive searching for a product of definite quality in terms of materials, design solutions and aesthetics refined and stylish at the same time, in a balanced mix of the "structural" and the "natural"

ORANGE. Essentiality is not only an intellectual concept but also an emotion, with all its harmonious aesthetic value, that it's perceived at first sight. In this respect, Orange is an essential project, focused on a young, fresh and extremely clean design; an essential design behind which there is an extraordinary wealth of functional and aesthetic details which are the result of a development aimed at enhancing the product mainly for its functional and design contents.

CODE. Imagine your kitchen, create your own personal code and organize space for a truly stylish kitchen design, yours. Code simply and freely offers you the ergonomic intelligence of its design, inspired by expressive colour and the natural elegance of wood. As the focal point of home activities, nowadays, the kitchen has extended its functions to overlap with those of the living area. Taking this into account, Snaidero offers a kitchen design that meets all your furnishing requirements.

Together, Way, Orange and Code make a system, where all elements are integrated, transversal and extraordinarily flexible so that they can be freely used in kitchen planning, right up to the very last centimetre. A quite literally "tailor-made" approach to planning your kitchen, with so many elements to combine in a fun and creative way.

Download Catalogue CodeOrangeWay.pdf

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