05 October 2011

OLA20. The flexible measurement of every space.

Thanks to an aware planning of how domestic spaces are changing, Ola20 expresses a total modularity. In the project the ‘over size’ concept was eliminated, in favour of a ‘tailor-made’ standard. Bases, hanging elements and cupboards are cm flexible, thus enabling to develop never-ending customisable solutions with top care for storage needs.
With Ola20 the ideal kitchen can be designed following one’s own space requirements. Space is intended as both square meters of surface available and as space to be lived and customised, keeping into account the best work flows, one’s own habits and attitudes. Let’s discover some solutions.

U-shaped composition solution
A kitchen with a narrow layout must have multi-function features, since functional optimisation and storage spaces cannot be neglected even due to space reasons. This solution enables to get a wide work area in a compact environment. 

Angular solution with penisula
If you have a square-shaped space or an open surface, the kitchen’s planning can foresee a ‘snack’ peninsula, thus opening on the living environment. Work flows are efficiently concentrated in a corner. Ideal solution in case of single kitchen-sitting room environments, where open space becomes the home’s heart.

Angular solution with table peninsula
Arranged on two adjoining sides, this corner composition has been designed creating logical connections among the various functional areas for the purpose of making kitchen operations easier. The peninsula that is as tall as the table represents an ideal space for breakfast as well as for small snacks.

Traditional angular solution
A classical corner solution: elements cover two adjoining sides of the kitchen. Washing area, cooking area and refrigerator are situated close to each other in order to reduce distances thus making work flows easier. The living solution of OLA20’s hanging elements that are 134 cm high is really interesting.


Solution with island and snack corner
In a space open to the day area, kitchen becomes home’s relational hub, the place where to meet all together gladly. A peninsula connected with the cooking area enables to live the kitchen together, even during food preparation, laying the serving dishes and easily helping yourself. Work flows are dynamic and fast.  

C-shaped solution
Whenever environment size enables it, a C-shaped kitchen represents an optimum solution in terms of functionality and aesthetics. It enables to optimise changes of position within the space delimited by shelves and tops. Moreover it represents a functional and complete solution: as well as the hob, the work top and the sink, the kitchen is provided with a breakfast/snack bench made from dark ash wood.

Solution with linear island
With a longitudinal and open space, walls are exploited to optimise at best storage solutions. The fully operational island develops in a linear way, integrating the snack table, Work flows develop continuously, tidily and in parallel.

Solution with linear island
 With a longitudinal and open space, walls are exploited to optimise at best storage solutions. The fully operational island develops in a linear way, integrating the snack table.

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