12 January 2011

From Ola to Ola20: timeless design of a contemporary cult

OLA, an indisputable contemporary cult that has been around for twenty years, will be presented in its renewed form, the outcome of an ambitious Snaidero project to give it fresh appeal and a more contemporary elegant look while reintroducing the genuine nature and originality of the company’s great historical classic.

It is a truly important challenge for Snaidero to pursue its philosophy of enhancing design history and culture, concentrating on a renewed combination of tradition and invention. Rather than simply restyling a historical legendary design, Snaidero reintroduces the values that the company has created and which are part of its legacy: the best of the past for a successful present while looking to the future.
Produced since 1990, Ola marks the beginning of the partnership between Snaidero and the Pininfarina Group. Ola springs from an idea for a kitchen design that moves away from standardized visual appeal to find a new solution with essential kitchen functions. The result is a kitchen with a HIGHLY ATTRACTIVE DESIGN, which successfully provides all home functions with next generation technological solutions. In fact, this kitchen won a DESIGN AWARD FROM THE CHICAGO ATHENEUM of architecture in 1996.

In 2000, the Pininfarina studio restyled it, keeping the technical content of the kitchen design and introducing new handles, new colours, a new worktop in steel and new wall units, while maintaining its curved look, the distinguishing feature that has made Ola an icon of Snaidero design worldwide.
Exactly 20 years after it was first presented, Snaidero has decided to invest again in the ambitious alchemy of tradition and invention, combining the unmistakable features of a traditional classic with extremely contemporary elements.
The Pininfarina studio has welcomed this challenge.

The result is OLA 20, a refined and elegant kitchen design with accurate and up-to-date features. The original idea has been developed, inspired by the best of the past for a successful present.
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