18 October 2010


An event characterised by the “Made in Italy” design that met with enormous public success, with over 600 illustrious guests representing the entrepreneurial world, the press, both Italian and Russian, as well as design and architecture, proof of the strong bond existing between the Snaidero brand name and the Russian market.

The inauguration of the new and exclusive Concept Store in Moscow was the occasion chosen for the world preview presentation of the new OLA 20, Snaidero’s latest creation, evolving from their collaboration with the Pininfarina Group; a restyling of the historical Ola model which, in fact, turned 20 this year, and which has sealed the brand’s success on the Russian market as a symbol of Italian Lifestyle. Design, innovation, quality, refinement and elegance are the values which Snaidero represents in Russia and that it wanted the OLA20 design to encompass.

The event opened with a press conference, covered by a number of television networks, in which about 50 journalists from the sector’s most important magazines took part.

The launching of an initiative confirming the Snaidero brand’s strong sensitiveness and attention to planning quality and design then followed. The first edition of the SNAIDERO DESIGN AWARD was in fact presented: this is an international prize aimed at giving formal recognition to the architects and designers who collaborate with Snaidero in Russia. An exceptional “panel of judges”’ composed of Edi Snaidero, Paolo Pininfarina and Samir Makhmudov, owner of Concept Store, chose from this first edition’s entries all those that put together the most innovative projects with the Snaidero collection, awarding a trophy of great aesthetic value. Furthermore, all those filling in a simple questionnaire on design during the gala evening, were in line to win a “Culinary Tour”, a cultural and wine-and-food tour aimed at discovering the beauties of “Made in Italy”. The over 600 guests sampled the sumptuous spread in a successful combination with the best of Italian culinary traditions, prepared by one of Moscow’s best restaurants.

For Snaidero, which was the first Italian brand to penetrate the Russian market over 15 year ago, and which is nowadays present with a 40 point-of sale distribution network, Russia represents the second most important export market, second only to the United States.

The new flagship store in the heart of Moscow is a unique example of its kind: an area of over 400 sq.m. framed by a shop-window that is over 30 metres in length, strategically displaying the models that have contributed to assert the success of “Made In Italy” in Russia: Orange, Venus, Idea, Skyline, Time, Florence, Gioconda Design, Certosa and Sistema Zeta.


Ola 20 revisits history, conjugating it in a contemporary manner: the result is a refined project, elegant, distinguished by precise and immediate signs. The evolution of an idea that has remained true to its own strong character, drawing inspiration from the past, to attain success in the present.
Softly shaped units represent the main interpretive key to its design: all the TERMINAL ELEMENTS of cabinets, bases and wall units are in fact characterised by their curving shapes, finishing and enhancing the design.

Softness that the unmistakable Pininfarina touch wanted to further strengthen in this re-edition of the project, through an innovative element: the strikingly sculptural design of the WORKING TOP SUPPORT for islands and peninsulas, a refined element in layered and shaped wood with a design that is unmistakably reminiscent of the Pininfarina style.

In OLA20, shape and functionality are indissolubly tied to the TECHNOLOGY factor, which in this instance too, is expressed in the search for extremely innovative materials and production treatments.
Already in the 2000 restyling, Pininfarina had introduced the metallic-powder paint technology to the project. 10 years later he repeats himself by bringing in a new technology, also originating from automotive processes: MICACEOUS LACQUERING. This is a paint with mica powder added to it which, by easily flaking into tiny particles that are extremely reflective, provides reflections similar to those obtained with metallised finishes, but much more transparent and sparkling.

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