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18 January 2013
Contemporary kitchens Snaidero - Lux


Rigorous lines coupled with evolved technical solutions. Formal cleanliness enriched by stylish details. A project with a clear-cut personality.

The Lux kitchen, designed for Snaidero by Pietro Arosio, reflects a rigorous design philosophy denoting an architectural influence, in which the domestic space embodies an intelligent blend of function, emotion and personality, free of any excess.

The Lux project primarily aims to redefine the "orthodox" structures of the kitchen, by proposing a clear-cut division between the cooking zone and the organised area reserved for storage. These two areas are highly specialised, both in terms of their equipment and ergonomic arrangement.

Indeed, the operating zone structure is characterised by its extreme visual lightness, achieved by replacing the classic design scheme with wall units in favour of a modular and continuous glass shelf equipped with a LED bar capable of perfectly illuminating the operating zone.

The shelf can either incorporate a stainless steel wall-mounted extractor hood or remain entirely free, thereby offering an elegant and functional illumination with constant, diffuse light enhancing the warm and refined atmosphere in the environment; alternatively, it can be used as a practical support for domestic storage needs. In this regard, the operating shelf incorporates an aluminium bar that allows for inserting accessories and tools.

The extractor hood constitutes a highly distinctive design element. The island solution, in particular, completely reinvents the extraction function by freeing it from the suspended body concept in favour of a new floor extraction technology. The island hood is a self-filtering solution in the form of a rational stainless steel body that can be positioned in the rear end of islands and peninsulas; the extraction unit with active carbon filter (1.000 m3 extraction capacity) is positioned under the base units and expels the air though a special fume abatement device. The control panel is activated through a touch control pushbutton panel that allows for switching on the extraction function and the illumination. This solution offers multiple advantages: above all, it solves installation-related problems by eliminating the fume and odour exhaust pipes, by eliminating any architectural constraints with masonry work or adjustments, and thus without any additional costs.

Moreover, the extractor hood comes with the innovative controlled bipolar ionisation technology. Ions are often referred to as "vitamins of the air" thanks to their beneficial effects on the quality of the air - they eliminate polluting agents - and on the energy and well-being of people and other living beings (plants and animals). Thanks to the presence of ions generated by this technology, air can be treated and purified to create a healthier living environment. The natural process whereby ions are produced and diffused in the air by waterfalls, sea waves, lighting and perceivable in the pure high-mountain air, is reproduced in the new Spring extractor hood through a bipolar electric field applied to the air flow generated by the hood. In particular, ionisation allows for eliminating odours in the kitchen as it eliminates the organic molecules suspended in the air. Moreover, it neutralises volatile organic compounds by transforming them into CO2 and water; it deactivates viruses, bacteria and allergens by breaking their external membranes, it deactivates mildew, fungi and spores, neutralises tobacco smoke and eliminates particulate. The ionisation function can be activated regardless of the need for eliminating cooking odours, in order to purify and sanitise the environment. This allows for achieving clean and healthy air without having to use chemical products or UV technology. The sensor housed in the extractor hood detects the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOC), odorous gases, for example formaldehyde, cigarette smoke, ammonia and any other pollutant in the air: it is therefore an excellent indicator for measuring the fluctuations in the domestic air quality. This data is reflected in the colour of the leaf on the pushbutton panel that gradually turns from yellow to green as the conditions improve.

In actual fact, the apparent simplicity of Lux conceals unexpected design solutions. An example is the solution for the corner, a space that is normally difficult to exploit yet highly useful, especially in compact environments where every centimetre is precious. Lux reinvents the corner solution by introducing a new 60 cm tall cupboard unit that ideally divides and separates the operating zone from the area reserved for storage. The back panel can be customised with elegant lacquered surfaces with screen-printed motifs and decorations that evoke household functions.

This tall cupboard unit was specially designed for being customised on the front like the adjacent panels, while the upper section houses accessories and tools for food preparation and the lower section comprises a compartment for housing small appliances. The upper compartment is equipped with pull-out baskets to simplify utilisation of the wall unit.

Another highly innovative element of the project is its handle. Lux intelligently satisfies the desire of people who do not wish to renounce the practicality of the handle yet, at the same time, prefer an overall aesthetic and stylistic cleanliness.

The Lux solution, therefore, is a "handle non-handle", in other words, a recessed and invisible solution designed for allowing the user to open both the lower element - to which it is applied - and the upper element. Thanks to this particular design solution, the handle is visually aligned along an ideal horizontal line running through the kitchen immediately under the worktop. With regard to the finishes, the handle comes with a chrome-plated finish on the outer part, while the inner part is available with all the lacquered finishes in addition to the anodised aluminium finish.

Light is an essential element in Lux: it follows the same linear rhythm as the forms and bestows an intimate atmosphere on the kitchen, besides turning into a decorative and elegant element in itself. With its uniform and extremely evocative character, the illumination in this kitchen touches all the operating zones, where it acquires a specific purpose:

  • integrated with LED bars in the long operating shelf, for illuminating the food preparation zone;
  • integrated into the peninsula rear;
  • housed in a vertical luminous panel that ideally divides the storage zone from the operating zone In this case, it was decided to adopt a modulating solution based on the relevant operating needs or, vice-versa, for merely general service illumination;
  • housed in a luminous panel inside the storage compartments positioned in the corner column;
  • inside base units and cupboards.


High-tech light that is at once ecological: this aspect is a stringent design input, and materialises in Lux through the use of high-performance low-consumption LED solutions. The Lux project is backed by the Snaidero Group optimised industrial platform and, consequently, it benefits from all the industrial synergies in terms of the available finishes and colours (over 100), coupled with design flexibility with regard to height and width.

All this defines Lux, a project with a contemporary character reflecting an elegant modernity and a new, sophisticated layout based on the refined monochrome finish of a crystalline space: the light and tone-on-tone effects blend to create a unique, unmistakable style where practicality becomes tangible and immediately visible.

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