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14 October 2010
Paolo Pininfarina


Meet Paolo Pininfarina, the last heir of one of the most important and historic families in the automotive world.

A design that for twenty years has identified some of the Snaidero models which make up the brand history and are known worldwide as an expression of true Italian design synthesis, elegance, refinement and culture of detail.

We wanted to talk to Paolo Pininfarina about this historic collaboration.

Idea 2000, Viva , OLA, Acropolis, Venus and today OLA 20: a story, one with Snaidero with genuine successes...
In fact behind this latest project which we present, there has been a long collaboration focused on a vision which now has united Snaidero with Pininfarina: that constant tension of research, experimentation, understanding innovation in the full sense, like the search for authenticity to 360 degrees.
To celebrate two decades of success, we have decided to re-edit a long seller, Ola, a 90s cult. Thus Ola 20 was born, lighter, more sustainable (in both materials and the production process), more essential and simple, clean lines and more customizable. In step with the times.

The products are well recognised. But what are the characteristics of the Pininfarina design?
Innovation, both in the impact on formal and functional. Design which doesn’t follow the trends, but sets them. Complex yet at the same time essential, no frills. Keeping up with technology.
And even with respect to the latter Ola 20 is certainly a very technical project: I’m speaking about the design and industrial implications to achieve but also paint mica, technology derived from using special industrial mica has resulted in surfaces of extremely sophisticated and brilliant reflections.

What was difficult to revive a ‘long seller’ like Ola?
I don’t like retro. Like 2uettottanta inspired by the duetto, but retains only the name and some special features, so does Ola20 compared to Ola. It retains only the curved line, which is undoubtedly the main characteristic which gives Ola20 the Snaidero mark, and the hood, which retains the original softened dome. Twenty years ago the kitchen was drawn almost by hand, we sat there in the studio with ruler and pencil to see the proportions. Today it's all computerized and you see the model created just at the last moment.

OLA and OLA20 compared
The original OLA had curves that were very strong from an aesthetic point of view, very architectural, also almost ostentatious because it fit those times.
Today we find these curves in a more aware way, more discreet, more sober, for example in the terminal elements for stylistic reasons but also for security, to prevent any form of accident at home.

The new frontiers of luxury in his opinion...
Now the luxury end in itself is too easy and with Snaidero in the last 20 years we have certainly done research on projects covering every position from the top of the Acropolis to the top of Venus and Idea 2000. With OLA 20 we wanted to do something that was in step with the times: a kitchen is an expression of affordable luxury, which I believe is the ultimate in elegant luxury as it is accessible and above all affordable luxury: able to covey an image of elegance and refinement but standing with your feet on the ground and designing for people and for the market in my opinion is the greatest ambition of a designer.

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