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25 May 2012
Detail of modular kitchens Snaidero - Way - photo 13


Snaidero, in collaboration with Falmec, presents their new island hood that allows for regeneration, by means of controlled bipolar ionisation technology.

Snaidero, in collaboration with Falmec, presents their new island hood that allows for regeneration, by means of controlled bipolar ionisation technology: atmospheric ions that not only eliminate unpleasant odours but also restore the optimal ionic equilibrium in domestic environments, thereby enhancing human well-being and health.
Currently offered in the new model, WAY by Snaidero, the extractor hood is the first to sanitise the air by means of a bipolar electric field applied to the flow of air generated by the extractor hood. By eliminating the need for fume and odour exhaust pipes, and removing all the relevant architectural constraints, it avoids the need for discharging stale air to the outside - a significant advantage when compared to traditional extractor hoods which disperse heat during winter and cool conditioned air during summer.

This solution enables Snaidero to strengthen its eco-sustainable approach to industrial and mass produced kitchens. In Way, as in other Snaidero models, the cabinet carcasses are built with an ecological “low emission” panel that has significantly lower formaldehyde emissions and less than half the levels of the European E1 standard. Furthermore, non-toxic water-based paints are used for the lacquering processes. To ensure a healthy domestic environment, Way also adopts wood originating from reserves certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which defines the right balance between tree cutting and planting.

The health and well-being of people who inhabit the kitchen everyday are thus safeguarded thanks to Snaidero's research efforts, which enable the company to achieve high standards of technology and safety for its products.

65 years of experience have made Snaidero one of the most well-known and trusted brands on both the Italian and international markets. Snaidero, today, is at the head of Snaidero Group that, with companies located in France, Germany, Austria and other countries, represents the leading Italian player in Europe in the kitchen industry. Thanks to careful management of its industrial calling and historic collaboration with the most famous names in Italian design, Snaidero has managed to prove over the years that its products, always unique in terms of aesthetic and design, are the true embodiment of the genuine values of Italian design and it is now recognized as the expression of true Italian style of the highest level, the synthesis of form and functionality, harmony and taste.

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