14 March 2011


 “In terms of style, tradition is more modern than modernity itself”: this is the conclusion of the research work which has been promoted by Snaidero and carried out on its behalf by the Italian Study Research Institute “GPF –G. Fabris- & Associati”. And it is also the starting point of the study behind the new Snaidero model, GIOCONDA, which has called for a lot of investment and research both about the needs of today’s consumers and the history of traditional artisan work in Italy.
Contemporary Italian design has its origins in a great art and crafts tradition, subsequently developed with industrial applications, and coupled with typical Italian creativity. Research has shown that the design that leaves a mark combines deep respect for history and tradition, up-to-date style and technological research. In other words it is a design the language of which has to do with memory and images held by each of us, based on feelings and emotions interpreted to meet contemporary requirements.
This is the fine balance that the best Italian design has always sought.
GIOCONDA is the outstanding example of how this balance between tradition and current needs can be achieved by turning the original pre-industrial archetypes into smoothly updated shapes and finishes. Its design area compares to that of the “New Beetle” in car racing design, it offers new life to a shape borrowed from our common memory. The name itself, GIOCONDA, represents a precise choice: it recalls the best-known among Leonardo’s works, a classic world masterpiece; but its essence reminds us of Marcel Duchamp’s irony and genius in turning classic into modern.
Research indicates that the true family hub is the kitchen, while sought in vain in the living room or mistaken for the television, which has merely physically replaced the hearth with its surrounding chairs and armchairs. Nowadays, the hearth, the physical centre of the home, has moved to the kitchen, to become a range of hobs that we control.

The kitchen has proven to be the real heart of any home and the part of the house where we like to spend a lot of time: leaving behind us the age of anonymous furniture, dull cabinets and featureless and cold multi-purpose kitchens, today’s kitchen contains essential utensils and fittings easy to use.


Far from being “a food preparation area” or “a cooking zone”, the kitchen is, and will increasingly become one of the most popular rooms in the home, where we prefer to stay.
The essential feature of the new GIOCONDA DESIGN is that it offers countless ways of personalising your kitchen. Along with its standard modular units, GIOCONDA DESIGN also comprises a series of alluring independent units and fittings: a central island (totally practical) is included in this version, with an ample working area which can surrounded by an elegant rack with a polished glass finish and a complete lighting system.
The mainstay of the kitchen is the cooking area which evokes the classical idea of a fireplace. Traditional fluid contours are used to give the surroundings a touch of individuality in the heart of the household. The elegant decoration of the surround above the cooking area holds two lateral supports under a steel hood, available in different sizes and featuring a sleek and exclusive design.
The working area, containing the sink and oven, features a new worktop placed on an important-looking solid wood lipping (also shaped). The technology used to manufacture the worktop allows to keep the shaped wooden lipping along the entire layout.
The worktops are also available in the more traditional laminate, marble or quartz stone versions.
The working area is completed by original wooden back panels featuring shelf fittings (made of shaped plate glass set in aluminium profiles) lying alongside tasteful structures, also made from plate glass.
The flexibility of the boiserie system also allows fully fitted panels to be installed by combining different materials such as wood, laminate and lacquer.
In terms of ergonomics, the Michelangelo painted aluminium handle has been designed to fit the hand like a glove. Positioned in the middle of the door, the handle makes it easy to open.
The base units with large baskets feature a special technology which allows them to move smoothly, as well as a dual storage system housing a fully functional and practical drawer.
The wall units have also been modernised with a new type of extra-white glass finish which diffuses the light and fits smoothly underneath.
The aluminium and glass under-lights, illuminate both the inside of the wall unit and the whole countertop.
Each GIOCONDA DESIGN detail has been finely crafted, expressing a refined combination of traditional shapes and future functionality.


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