15 September 2009

Flowers and patterns by Ken Scott in exclusive for Snaidero kitchens

Warmth and colour, professionalism and personality, freedom of use and of composition: these are the ingredients for a young and fresh kitchen such as ORANGE, the latest model by Snaidero.
A kitchen that has chosen KEN SCOTT’s imagination and creativity to give its range of open accessories a touch of colour and unique style.

The KEN SCOTT brand has a strong legacy with the most extraordinary and mythical fashion seasons of all time as he is the author of substantial changes in ladieswear of the Sixties and Seventies.
It is a style more than a fashion trend which broke the demarcation between habitat and clothing by pointing at the chance to transform the grey monotony of the daily life in an overwhelming exotic garden.

Today, the name of KEN SCOTT is associated to SNAIDERO, in exclusive for the kitchen sector, as he signed the line of cushions for Orange benches, stools and chairs with a selection of original and sophisticated fabrics, in which the usual original interpretation of colours and nature lives on in the kitchen creating modern and lively spaces.

ORANGE taste is a refined one to be discovered in its aesthetic and construction details, where design and content have been studied down to the smallest detail. An important and essential project with a contemporary, fresh and extremely clean design; a design which conceals an extraordinary wealth of functional and aesthetic details that are the result of a development focused on enhancing the product especially in terms of its functionality and design.

The KEN SCOTT cushions are a touch of class that confirm the ability of SNAIDERO to provide new interior design
solutions: solid, according to its own tradition of quality and reliability and, at the same time, fresh, young and free from superfluous elements and with a touch of original sophistication. A truly refined industrial design proposal
qualified by a philosophy where design is truly at the service of domestic spaces, quality and function.
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