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31 March 2014
kitchen modern Elle


Six projects with four different design studios, all rigorously Italian and all an expression of that extraordinary Italian creative talent.

Praise of substance, intended as the search for tangible, authentic, unprecedented qualities in projects that seek to be and tell Snaidero's passion for excellency in design: this will be the common thread of the proposal for the forthcoming edition of Eurocucina. Six projects with four different design studios, all rigorously Italian and all an expression of that extraordinary Italian creative talent that, when combined with the experience and capacity of Snaidero to transform and evolve, seek to confirm the distinctive traits of a brand with more than 65 years of history, always able to experiment, innovative all-round and break free from pre-conceived ideas.


Manufactured uninterruptedly since 1990, Ola marks the beginning of Snaidero's collaboration with Design House Pininfarina and is born of an idea for a project that would stand out from the by-that-time standardised visual impact, resolving the crucial functions of a kitchen in the most innovative of ways. The result is a design with a strong aesthetic impact. Snaidero and Pininfarina. Together for 25 years. A "Limited Edition" of the iconic Ola 20 model has been created to mark this occasion. Dedicated to those who love tailored style in their kitchen. Based on timeless values: Innovation, Elegance and Passion.

kitchen design Ola 25 black


Interpretation of a classic, with a rational, modern approach, combining rigour and elegance to achieve a design quality that is able to ensure a timeless experience. Conceived in 1972, Idea immediately proved popular with its elegant, clean-cut design based on the balance of rigorous volumes, between plays on soft, delicate signs. In 2014, Studio Pininfarina reviewed the design once again, bringing the values of time past into today: aesthetic rigour, non-ostentatious presence and perception of a lasting value over time.

kitchen design Idea


Discretion and elegance, warmth and personality: the new Massimo Iosa Ghini project for Snaidero is a refined expression of the domestic image of industrial chic trends, played on contaminations of materials, volumes, filled and empty parts, vintage evocations and style suggestions with refined, contemporary aesthetics. 

kitchen classic modern Frame​​


A space released from excess signs, inspired by the rigour of geometry and based on a perfect balance of rigorous aesthetic harmony, efficiency and spaces that serve their purpose. The project marks the start of Monica Armani's collaboration with the brand and represents a total concept, which emphasises the industrial capacity of Snaidero, a concept of design before of manner, the synthesis of a few perfect, unmistakeable technological details in a perfect balance for a truly timeless result. 

kitchen modern Elle


The Orange & Code projects, revised for Snaidero by designer Michele Marcon, provide Snaidero's "young" proposal and will be presented at the fair completely overhauled with important new features concerning the range of materials, design solutions and overall mood. The use of laminate in sophisticated chromatic options and innovative material textures will give the kitchens a sophisticated feel, highlighted with flexible, innovative solutions with no structural separations, rather making for a fluid solution that continues into the living area.

kitchen modern Orange Evolution

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