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12 April 2010
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Eurocucina 2010: some advance news on Snaidero

Eurocucina 2010: the Snaidero Group, with a stand of over 900 sq.m. in a setting of great impact, exhibits four important projects Made in Italy.

Eurocucina 2010: the showcase par-excellence of the kitchen universe returns once again. An event that by now has become the absolute key scenario for trends in future materials, colours and design.

For Snaidero, historically part of the Exhibition, the 2010 edition of Eurocucina is the perfect occasion for exhibiting the very best of its designs, the result of deep-rooted research into socio-cultural evolutions and of the way in which contemporary society lives its relationship with home and kitchen.
The STAGE chosen by Snaidero for this edition does not cease to amaze: this year too, a forceful setting, for both the architecture and the grandeur dictated by an atmosphere that is at the same time elegant, vivacious and dynamic. Over an area of more than 900 sq.m. An architectural space that immediately evokes in the visitor a perception of the Group’s International “soul” and its receptiveness to new markets, immediately projecting him towards a new and unexpected exhibition area. The pictures of international landmarks are there to involve the visitor in global scenarios, bringing to mind the group’s capabilities where globalisation is concerned. Intrigued by these pictures, we find ourselves catapulted inside the stand where the kitchens, each strongly characterised by their own individualism, veritably interpret “the private side of design”.

Entering the stand is like entering an INTERNATIONAL METROPOLIS: a map helps in getting one’s bearings, with numbers linked to the product, representing a connection with the city and associated to symbolic addresses in international cities. An information system relative to the name of the kitchen, its designer and the relevant material typologies, defines the identity of each product.

The aim of this information regarding the product is to suggest that TRUE DESIGN is a TIMELESS EXPERIENCE, a set of intangible and tangible values that, adapting themselves to the spirit of the times, always manage to amaze. Snaidero’s vocation for Design is never improvised but is actually part of its history and of its Dna.
Snaidero’s four great new entries this year.

CODE, after just one year, continues the path started with Orange and takes the limelight as an extremely rich design, the expression of a style that manages to perfectly satisfy all the demands in a domestic environment. Its central thread is the aspiration to live the home in absolute freedom, re-designing volumes and re-tracing lines, in this way creating a new perspective of living through a “reverse code” that chooses to eliminate the superfluous in favour of a composite and creative freedom, with the aim of personalising one’s own space. Code, already on the market since the end of April, is the result of an international co-design experience that involved the entire Group.
CODE is characterised by two very strong “souls”: colour and wood. Code Colour’s absolute protagonist is colour, a distinctive element for a young and strongly personalised type of furnishing. Colour develops itself through the original open-shelving container furniture units, available in the whole range of lacquered Snaidero units, that encourage an infinite play of combinations and arrangements: an articulation of open and closed spaces that structures the arrangement and confers great personality and airiness to the domestic environment. Code Natural is instead an interpretation of the design that relates to a public where natural values in shapes and materials are the deciding factor in the choice. A distinctive element in the “Natural” version is the ash-wood door with vertical-staves, where the grooves follow an irregular pattern to provide the door with unique movement and aesthetic play, with its appeal still further enhanced by the handcrafting done on the staves to heighten their effect.

Snaidero’s other new entries carry the signature of two Designers who, in the past, have created products that have become veritable icons, indelibly fixed in the public’s imagination. OLA20 and IDEA 2010, projects created in collaboration with Pininfarina, represent the re-interpretation of two classical Snaidero milestones. A truly important challenge: to embark on a philosophy whereby one’s own history and designing culture is enhanced, aiming at a renewed combination between tradition and innovation, not just by simply re-proposing one’s historical classics, but by re-actualising those values that assured the original success and that are the very heritage of the brand.
reconfirms the union between Snaidero and Iosa Ghini and is characterised by the attention paid to research into low environmental impact materials, transforming wood into the undisputed protagonist of eco-sustainable living.

Satisfied by the trademark’s proposed design, EDI SNAIDERO, the Group’s President and Managing Director, states: ”Our goal for this 2010 edition of Eurocucina will be to confirm the strong bond that the Snaidero brand has with DESIGN, a value that is part of the Company’s Dna and which is bolstered by an experience spreading over 6 decades which, over the years, we have wanted to interpret in order to keep constantly abreast of the times and always in tune with changes. I think that the great innovative scope of all the projects we will be exhibiting at Eurocucina is found precisely in this: presenting themselves in the guise of refined solutions in industrial design, where the value and inherent quality of the project get translated into new and accessible experiences and, because of this, are yet again in step with the times.”

Inside the stand, the AREA OF TASTE will allow the visitor to appreciate the ancient traditions of Friuli’s products. The Partner Companies in this exclusive oenogastronomic alliance will be: the Prosciutto di San Daniele Consortium, the Colli Orientali and Ramandolo Consortium, Nonino, Oro Caffè, Goccia di Carnia and Latterie Friulane. For Snaidero, this event proves to be an important opportunity to highlight the way in which the authenticity of a territory gets internationally recognised and appreciated precisely because of these characterising traits. The history and value of its origins become a metaphor of solidity and the capacity for renewal which has allowed Snaidero, from its local beginnings, to launch itself, going on to meet with great success on international scenarios.


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