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Eurocucina 2014

23 April 2010
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Now Eurocucina 2010 is over, it is time to assess the results...

Now Eurocucina 2010 is over, it is time to assess the results, which for this edition of the event are particularly important for measuring the level of loyalty of a sector hard hit by the global economic crisis.

Overall, the Eurocucina 2010 event ended with a total of 329,563 visitors (+7% on 2009), a clear increase. Foreign operators totalled 56%, confirming the highly international nature of this event.

Also for the Snaidero Group, this fair certainly produced positive results. The stand, inspired by the global nature of the Group, clearly made a statement with its originality and was rewarded by a record number of visitors (55,000 during the event which lasted over 6 days), attracting a varied public, including national and international operators, journalists, as well as all types of communication operators.

International appeal was the truly positive aspect of this edition of Eurocucina: a broad attendance, not limited to “traditional” European countries but coming from further afield this year as never before from places such as South America and the Far East and Middle East, showed the longstanding ability of the brand to appeal to countries where the values of the Italian lifestyle are becoming increasingly acknowledged and appreciated.

During the furniture fair, this was clearly exemplified by the finalization of another important agreement to supply over 200 kitchens to QATAR, in addition to another contract finalized just before the furniture fair opened to supply kitchens to the prestigious apartments of Best Ocean Airpark in Bangkok, Thailand, an exclusive project for residential villas, each one equipped with its own runway. Hence, this further reinforces the power of the brand to offer a product with refined design, backed up by first-class components and materials, and the company’s ability to quickly produce large quantities of kitchens made to customer specifications.

This year, Snaidero presented four new features but with just one guiding principle: INNOVATION.

CODE continues along the path initially taken for the Orange kitchen. With its two distinctive versions Natural and Colour, it is the ideal solution for those who want a kitchen with carefully chosen and finely crafted details in order to express their own tastes and aesthetic preferences via their own ability to create and represent beautiful things. With highly attractive doors in ash wood and special vertical slats, it offers unique traditional craftsmanship. The CODE kitchen design is the outcome of an international CO-DESIGN project within the Group, which has bestowed the beneficial effects of planning and industrial synergies required for a quality top-design product that is, above all, affordable, and totally up-to-date.

Two well-known designers created the other kitchen designs presented. OLA20 and IDEA 2010 are the work of Pininfarina: a restyling of two longstanding classics of Snaidero design, where aesthetic appeal is perfectly matched with next generation industrial technologies. An innovative mica lacquering process, inspired by the car industry, employs special powdered mica, which, easily breaking into small flakes and being highly reflective, provides reflections similar to those produced with metallic lacquer, but much clearer and brighter.


Instead, E-WOOD reconfirms the partnership between Snaidero and Iosa Ghini and significantly expresses the most up-to-date woodworking technology, offering doors with a solid outer frame in THERMALLY TREATED OAK.

With this special treatment, wood is subjected to a drying process at 190°, which changes its chemical structure and gives positive results with regard to stability and colour. The resulting surface finish has a “manually planed” effect, yielding an extraordinary feature of industrial craftsmanship.

The SNAIDERO DESIGN DAY event was also a great success. This event was promoted during the furniture fair so that designers could illustrate the design strategy of the new features presented: designers Paolo Pininfarina and Massimo Iosa Ghini replied to a large number of questions posed by journalists, retailers and operators from all over the world, explaining the strategies of their kitchen designs.

In the evening, the FUORISALONE EVENT organized by Snaidero at the new “Snaidero Milano Interni” Showroom, in the city centre was also highly successful. Here the best of “Made in Friuli” design and gastronomy were brought together for an unforgettable evening, testified by a record attendance of over 2,000 people.

All the new features were positively appreciated by visitors for their refined appeal, innovative contents and great respect for changes in the purchasing choices of end-consumers, who, in recent months, have drastically altered their selection criteria and are increasingly looking for a kitchen that offers FIRST-CLASS INDUSTRIAL DESIGN, but which is also AFFORDABLE. The highly innovative nature of Snaidero lies in these refined industrial design solutions, where the true value and quality of the kitchen design translates into affordable kitchens, which are, once again, up-to-date.

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