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14 October 2010
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For sustainable development, it is a top priority to design and produce with high environmental efficiency in order to conserve and preserve natural resources for the future.

A deep-rooted awareness
For sustainable development, it is a top priority to design and produce with high environmental efficiency in order to conserve and preserve natural resources for the future of generations to come.
For some time, Snaidero has been committed to this, making efforts so that its production and service activities, above all, comply with current environmental legislation and fit in with a development and management programme that gradually reduces environmental impact.
This all-round involvement concerns the entire production line, including the design, choice of materials, production processes, logistics and assembly of the required kitchen in the home.

Now, let’s carefully examine our ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY.

Back in 2003, the Snaidero production unit in Majano (UD) obtained ISO 14001certification, which ensures respect for the environment, committing the company to ongoing improvement in corporate efficiency: not only does Snaidero undertake to maintain the results achieved but also to attain new ones.

Snaidero was also one of the first companies to obtain ISO 9001 CERTIFICATION for its Quality Management System and the even stricter VISION 2000 CERTIFICATION. All Snaidero kitchens are produced in Italy. They are the outcome of the company’s longstanding experience, its combination of industrial craftsmanship, technological research and environmental commitment. This is why all Snaidero kitchens are fully guaranteed for 10 years. In obtaining SA8000 SOCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY CERTIFICATION, once again, Snaidero has confirmed the importance of safeguarding the working conditions of all its employees. This is thanks to its commitment to provide a better, safer and more motivating working environment, improving relationships between all in-company and external employees and guaranteeing respect for human rights and workers.

Water consumption: Water consumption for production purposes has dropped by over 70% since 1999. Not only has liquid waste been significantly reduced but it has also improved in quality. Fuel consumption: In optimizing the heating system, the period from 1999 to 2008 saw a 76% decrease in fossil fuel consumption with an increase in the use of renewable resources, and a reduction in heat dispersion.

Recyclable waste collection: Since 1996, Snaidero has been using a recyclable waste collection system that has led to a 90% reduction in the quantity of waste. Moreover, for some time now Snaidero has been recycling a wide range of materials including iron, steel, aluminium, copper etc.

The Snaidero Group has developed a production system that involves careful and responsible management of wood as a raw material, in compliance with strict international regulations aimed at ensuring the responsible management of forests and the global eco-system. For instance, the entire process has been awarded FM (Forest Management) certification, from the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). This guarantees that materials come from forests that apply strict regulations to ensure future generations will be able to reap the benefits of these forests. Panels with low formaldehyde emission: formaldehyde is generally considered a hazardous substance for human health due to possible short-term and long-term effects on the respiratory system. On launching its new kitchen Orange, Snaidero chose to use new low-emission panels in 19mm wood particleboard, in which formaldehyde emission is drastically reduced to less than half that of standard European Class E1 panels.

Lacquering Process
Snaidero is the only company on the market with over 50 years’ experience in manufacturing kitchens in lacquer, focusing on excellent aesthetic quality and products without forgoing the greatest attention to safety and respect for the environment. Its tradition stands out from other manufacturers, thanks to an extremely wide range of doors and accessories with different types of lacquer finish. For instance, textured matt, gloss and metallic finishes are all available while special processing techniques are used that involve the use of specific machinery for manual processing, which is essential for making surfaces in different shapes. A vast range of customized colours and finishes for doors and components is available for kitchens, including shaped elements. This is made possible, with relatively short turn-around times, thanks to a lacquering process incorporated in the production chain, allowing Snaidero to meet today’s market requirements. With this commitment to excellent aesthetic quality and products, Snaidero still focuses on maximum attention to safety during the production process and respect for the environment. In 2006, Snaidero began to gradually replace the solvent-based lacquers used in its lacquering line with other highly productive lacquers that drastically reduce the presence of organic solvents. As a result of these innovative systems, which not only guarantee quality with respect for the environment but also just-in-time production even for single items in line with order arrival, matt lacquers are water-based and have extremely low environmental impact, retaining unchanged the functional, performance and aesthetic characteristics required of a kitchen.

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