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19 March 2012
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A conversation with the Snaidero Marketing department - Part 1.

The Snaidero Marketing Department is responsible for setting the color range for the company’s kitchen designs. We asked them about the process of researching new color palettes, current color trends, color differences between the kitchen and the rest of the home, and what are the major influencers when it comes to color in design.

What kind of research do you conduct to develop new color palettes?
We do a complex set of research studies that analyze:

  • Trade shows for the fashion, furnishings, ceramics and textiles industries
  • Product trends in showrooms and retail stores
  • Trade magazines and other specialized publications
  • International art and architecture exhibits


Would you say that the color trends for the kitchen go hand in hand with those for the design of the rest of the home?
Overall, yes; they do tend to mirror each other. However, since the kitchen is a long-term investment (more so than other areas of the home), it generally calls for color choices that are a bit more neutral and won’t get tiresome in time.

Do you mean that the kitchen is not the type of environment that can ever welcome dramatic, bold colors?
Well, it depends. Obviously you can have individual homeowners who are more daring and like to go for dramatic colors even in the kitchen but that’s definitely not the norm.

From an industry point of view, strong eccentric colors can be and are often used in the launch phase of new products in order to create a big impact image. They are also a visual means to break from the past and send the market a clear change message in particular moments of historic/cultural transition. It’s sort of a way to shake people’s perception by making an unexpected aesthetic statement.

Color trends often develop out of artistic, cultural, and social movements. In the last few years, what are the most important events that have influenced the creation of new color palettes for home design?
One of the biggest influencers has certainly been the wave of minimalism in architecture that took hold at the end of the Nineties. It wasn’t long before the same “less is more” philosophy began making its imprint in color trends, with concepts such as “urban” and “street” turning neutral grays and “cement” type of hues into very popular choices.
The overall feel and mood of the times do exhert a cultural influence on every aspect of society and the products that come out of it. For example, the recession has brought out insecurities which, in turn, have trickled down into home design in the form of “safe” choices, like a prevalence of white.

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