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16 April 2012
Kitchens with peninsula Snaidero - Ola 20 - photo 1


'Too many people that talk, I prefer facts to words'. This is Brad Pitt’s saying, that probably inspired him in the selection of his new kitchen for his home in Los Angeles.

Brad Pitt, actor, producer, husband, father, philanthropist and worldwide known star has chose exactly an OLA20, the last kitchen creation by Snaidero designed by Pininfarina and recently winner right from the United States of the prestigious Good Design Award of the Chicago Athenaeum.
The reasons of the choice reflect perfectly the profile of a unique personality of the star system, as well as in his private life.
He states “The last thing I bought for my house in Los Angeles is the Ola20 kitchen by Snaidero because:

  1. The kids, Angelina and me form a tribe ,its easy to meet all together in the kitchen .There’s someone having a snack, someone listening to music, someone drawing, someone drinking fruit juice.
  2. I’m a modernist, besides tecnical innovation I love the aesthtical novelties. I like the contemporary kitchens because planned to be open.”

A choice perfectly in syntony with the Snaidero planning philosophy, that for over 65 years developes and produces kitchens in Italy always innovative both from the aesthetical and functional point of view, but however and always conceived first of all to be a place to live.
And today the life of a family even as large as the one of Brad Pitt, has its vital heart in the kitchen, operative and convivial space, private hideout and at the same time a spot for relations with the world.
Exactly like Ola 20, that will be again presented tomorrow at the Furniture Fair in Milan with a high tech special look.

The appointment for everybody is in Milan from April 17 to 22 and live on Facebook and Twitter.

Eurocucina 2012
17 -22 April
Pavillon 11 Stand A23 – C24

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