29 March 2012
intérieurs cuisine moderne équipée


You can easily shorten distances in your kitchen by planning according to typical kitchen tasks. This produces work areas called zones.

The WORKFLOW: take your habits into account. Tell your kitchen planner about your personal cooking habits. Then he or she will be able to tailor your kitchen to your needs. Fit easy access into your kitchen!


  1. Pull-outs instead of doors for easy access to interiors
  2. Full extensions for optimal access and clear visibility of all contents
  3. Inner dividing systems to organise interiors

An ample store
Keep food in a central place. Store contents so that you can easily reach them, make sure distances are short and you have easy access.

Keep tableware together
Keep plates, cutlery and glasses together. This makes it easier to lay the table. And if your dishwasher is close-by, you can clear away clean dishes swiftly.

Nice and clean
Hygiene is important when washing up, cleaning and disposing of waste. Everything should be tidy and easily accessible in the pull-out under the sink.

Everything within reach
Ideally, the worktop should be between the sink and hob so that you don’t have to walk far to the sink, cooker and waste bin. And from here, knives, chopping boards and spices should be within easy reach.

Close to your cooker
If possible, keep pots and pans, cooking utensils, etc. close to your cooker.

For keen bakers
Keen bakers need space for ingredients and gadgets. It’s practical if you keep everything you need for baking together and immediately to hand.


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