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AN ESSENTIAL, HANDLE-FREE DESIGN. WAY represents a pure and CLEAR-CUT ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN. The fusion of volumes and the modularity of the units are enhanced by an apparent simplicity which is built on careful attention to detail. The Way handle defines the overall look of the project: continuous, uninterrupted and created from an anodised aluminium alloy in a titanium finish to stress the rigorous, linear appeal of the kitchen. The solid nature of the design is rounded off by aluminium profiles, which as far as the tall units are concerned, can extend horizontally as well as vertically.

FLEXIBLE, SUSPENDED-EFFECT DESIGN. The inclusion on the bases of a PLINTH SET BACK AND STANDING 23 CM OR 10 CM high successfully re-create the suspended effect, whilst at the same time ensuring better ergonomics in the operative area of the kitchen. It allows for the distribution of each  cabinet’s weight, as well as the design of lay-outs that integrates the suspended-effect base and tall units.

  cucina moderna Way cucina moderna Way

LARGE SURFACES AND ESSENTIAL VOLUMES. From a strictly design point of view, WAY's technical concept offers an EXTENSIVE LAY-OUT FLEXIBILITY that allows for a free and creative approach to domestic areas. This can be given credit to the option of choosing either a horizontal profile design, expressed with reduced-height wall units and the horizontal continuity of the profiles of the base units and tall units, or a vertical profile design, suited to those who choose to make full use of space in height. All this is possible by working with base, wall and tall units featuring custom standards that allow for endless design solutions with a great value placed on storage space because of the unit's flexibility in height and width. This is how WAY's great functionality expresses itself through full-height wall units, single-door tall units that open on to spacious larders, along with original island and peninsula arrangements.

PLAYS ON LIVING IN THE KITCHEN. Ever-attentive to the latest furnishing trends, Way offers an articulated system of open storage solutions allowing for infinite creations to establish a fluid and shared setting. The new RANGE OF OPEN UNITS MADE OF PAINTED ALUMINIUM is structured in 4 cabinets group (living units, on-wall and on-tall units base units and under wall units) and is available in 7 colours, while shelves and back panels are available in the standard finishes ((melamine, wood veneer, matte lacquer). WAY also provides continuity with the living area through an extremely versatile BOISERIE ELEMENT that can be matched, integrated or placed in contrast with domestic spaces. There are also a variety of materials and surfaces that can strengthen the room's character. The shelves feature an integrated LED lighting system and the back panel is available in all the finishes for the doors.

cucina moderna Way cucina moderna Way cucina moderna Way

MATERIALS AS KEY-FACTORS. WAY favours finishes such as wood combined with sophisticated and yet not prevailing nuances offered in a wide variety of colours and manufacturing technologies, ranging from lacquered and metallized lacquered solutions to the innovative and exclusive mica lacquering, which gives surfaces a discrete preciousness. The project dons domestic settings with both traditional and innovative materials, PROVIDING A RANGE OF OVER 100 DOOR VERSIONS with different colours and finishes: a product that meets modern needs to customized spaces.

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