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07 January 2020

Yes, we’re going home!

I love going away, travelling the world, discovering new cultures...

How many times have you thought this or heard someone else say it? How often do you imagine being on holiday all year round or at least taking a year’s sabbatical and travelling the world? When the holidays finish the thought of going back and returning to the daily grind can get you down, yet going home is actually really exciting, perhaps even more so than leaving. Travelling is an adventure but going home is an all-consuming experience; our home is the place we chose, where we feel safe because it is the focal point of our everyday lives. Going home means making the most of the things we have built and learned, trying to construct our happiness.

Going home is returning to the warmth and sense of protection we are happy to leave for a while but which we then can’t wait to get back to. The centre of our home is the kitchen, the place everything happens. And the more our kitchen is tailored to our needs, the more it feels like a safe refuge to return to.

But when looking for a new kitchen we can’t always find a model that perfectly represents us. The detail of a model might strike us, but we want it to stand out as part of a composition made up of other elements, which doesn’t revolve around a specific product but that reflects our uniqueness.

Snaidero meets this demand for maximum customisation, making it possible to mix and match all models and therefore insert different elements in a harmonious composition in order to reflect the personality of the creator.

I like this and that, but also that over there. Have you ever wondered if you can have them all?

Here are a few examples of audacious mixes which nonetheless remain highly stylish:

Look-Frame: Look model with Frame tall units and cabinet



Look-Frame: Look model, Way tall units, Frame cabinet


Opera-Idea: Opera model with Idea island


It is my kitchen, the place where I feel at home, and it will make my journey wonderful because I know it is waiting for me when I get back.

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