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24 June 2019
Vintage Lovers


Crinolines, polka dots, tight sheath dresses and curlers from the fabulous 1950s, or flared jeans, headbands and a leather jacket from the flowery 1960s.

Who doesn’t have a few vintage details in their wardrobe? Now back in fashion and more chic than ever, we all love to listen to a vinyl played on an old record player, take a ride on a Vespa or dream about the drive-in with Danny and Sandy every time we see Grease.

In the age of hyper-technology, it is great to be able to jump back in time once in a while and add a vintage touch to our everyday life. Even our kitchens can be made even more unique with that particular object recovered from our grandparents’ house and placed at the centre of our contemporary-urban composition.

Vintage Lovers_1

Some advice? You can salvage an old wooden breadbox, perhaps with a slightly elaborate design, and put it in plain sight in a minimalist composition like our Way Materia, highlighting it thanks to the timeless effect of ceramic. The result will be wonderfully warm, while still remaining modern and minimal.

Cucine design Snaidero - Way Materia - foto 2

Or you can take an industrial-style composition like our Frame and break it up completely by including a visible old porcelain tea set featuring a large teapot with curled handles, a symbol of fallen nobility that jars, yet at the same time enhances the kitchen’s industrial-chic details.

Cucine classiche Snaidero - Frame - foto 8

And finally, a composition with a touch of colour like our tea-green Hera, enriched by the country-vintage detail of copper pots hung up like in an old country house. And perhaps when you push back the window curtains, you find yourself facing the skyline of a large city.

Cucine classiche Snaidero - Hera - foto 7

Snaidero will take care of the kitchen and everyone will have their own relic: the important thing is to add it with taste and a touch of madness.

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