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14 May 2017
fabbrica cucine Snaidero


Walking into the “Custom-Made” department of our factory, you'll discover an authentic carpentry workshop...

Walking into the “Custom-Made” department of our factory, you'll discover an authentic carpentry workshop where true craftsmen and carpenters transform "special" wishes, customisations, into perfect objects every day, summing up that uniquely Italian ability to combine craftsmanship with industrial technology.

We have been living and working in Friuli since 1946, in the far Northeast of Italy.

We have been shaping curves, materials, domestic solutions, and above all the ideas of architects and designers for over 65 years, designing authentic spaces, spaces built for people. We all know that behind the beauty of any given design lies the excellence of an industrial organisation that is able to translate it into reality. This is why we have never considered leaving Italy. We know just how much intelligence, knowledge and skill is shared every day between our offices, our production department and the national and international professionals that trust us with their most complex projects.

fabbrica cucine Snaidero

The custom-made department of our factory is an excellent example of this: situated in the heart of the factory, it is a true industrial “carpentry workshop” for making everything "special".

Customisations, ad hoc furniture, made-to-measure elements: a true craftsman's workshop, with ten dedicated workstations for carpenters and craftsmen, who are able to transform "special" wishes into perfect objects. This is the perfect expression of that uniquely Italian ability to marry craftsmanship with industrial modernity and technology. Almost every single Snaidero kitchen goes through this department: our customers love to customise the area that is destined to become the heart of their homes and our "craftsmen" are able to create high-quality solutions with a level of customisation that is practically “made-to-measure”.

lavorazioni cucine presso fabbrica

Here at Snaidero we strongly believe in this: Italian craftsmanship represents a part of the country's culture and economy; know-how combined with "new" technological knowledge as a key to differentiation and innovation.

This is why the "know-how" offered by our boys in the custom-made department, with their pencils and rulers for checking measurements and proportions, is the expression of a strong passion that fills us with pride and reminds us of our responsibilities.

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