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11 June 2017
Detail of modern kitchens Snaidero - Look - photo 2


Routine tasks become a real pleasure once your kitchen is organised the way you like it. efficiency means having the things you need often ready to hand.

Our new line of under wall unit accessories linero MosaiQ keeps things where they make sense for your workstyle. The basic element for this splashback system is an aluminium rail attached to the wall. 

​ modern kitchen Look

The storage elements are simply attached above or below the rail, exactly where you want them. With the integrated lighting strip, all the elements are softly illuminated. Swapping elements around couldn’t be easier. The espresso cups, a pot of basil can be stored exactly where you need them - and where they look best. Prop up a tablet computer or anything else you like to keep handy. 

​ modern kitchen Look

The  multi-functional, anodised aluminium rail can be either screwed or glued to the wall, making it ideal for glass splashbacks too. The MosaiQ modules are hung on below or inserted above. The shelf elements come in a choice of three heights with their design accentuated by horizontal décor strips. The colour choices of the matt, tactile coating (graphite black and titanium grey) were chosen in consultation with a well-known design institute;  Shelf inserts are offered in wood or glass. Functional elements include hooks and single and double roll holders. There is also an ergonomically designed knife block and containers with angled bases to hold a pot of herbs or kitchen implements. LINERO MosaiQ has been launched with eleven core applications for unlimited mixing and matching. The system helps users make the most of the splashback space in kitchens.

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