20 July 2017
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Making a choice between classic or modern kitchen is always a problem. Here some advices for helping you ...

Choosing the right kitchen for your home is not simple at all. Sooner or later everyone have to go throw this sensitive time. The first issue is to choose a kitchen’s style: classic, modern or industrial? Today we will help you in this choice, speaking about the classic kitchen, one of the most beloved solutions thanks to the details, the taste and especially the materials.

The Snaidero collection proposes different solutions, which can satisfy those who want a classic kitchen. We give you some advices for bring you near to this style with certainty effect, but at the same time refined and pleasant.

1. ELEGANT material combinations

Choosing a totally classic style for your kitchen doesn’t mean renounce elegance or simplicity, actually represents a certainty and a guarantee of refinement. That’s why, besides giving a lot of warmth to the rooms, the classic style results easily adjustable and customizable with some objects, decorations and furniture. If you need some suggestions about the ideal combination for your rooms, please don’t hesitate to contact the Architect Snaidero online, we will be at your disposal and we will be grateful for give you some advices!


Even the choice of materials can greatly affect the aesthetic and functional performance especially if we talk about classic kitchens. An effort, that includes the retour to natural character of the domestic environment to harmonious and authentic feelings, that only a warm contact with the material can evoke. For example the wood infuses warmth and hospitality, essential sensations when we are in a central room of every day life like the kitchen. Snaidero offers a lot of combinations for the classic kitchen in wood: oak, elm and walnut.

cucina classica Lux cucine classiche Frame Snaidero


The kitchens with framed door evoke immediately a handmade manufacturing and lend to the furniture a kind of old-fashioned charm. Indisputable interpreter and protagonist of the framed door is wood or lacquer, which is marked by shaped and embellished frames. This door type highlights the colour and the wood’s grain.

cucina classica lux cucina classica Heritage


Traditionally, having a wide room or an open space is the best thing to emphasize a kitchen with central island. This compositional solution change the life philosophy in the home, creating a continuity between kitchen and living areas. But you have to pay attention to the employment and the functionality that you give to the central island: it will be  an operative island prepared for the functions like cooking and washing or simply a place for preparation with worktop and counter?

cucina classica Kelly cucine classiche Frame Snaidero​​

5. distinctive details

Today the classic can be extremely functional, taking the most advantage from every kitchen’s centimetre with closets and refined and contemporary open showcases, which are equipped with glove compartments for rationalising the space. This units excel especially in wide rooms, which could be integrates with base and wall units.

cucine classiche Frame Snaidero cucina classica gioconda design​​​


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