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09 March 2017
Detail of kitchen area Snaidero - Orange - photo 10


"Custom-made quality" in Snaidero... The result? "Space tailored to your needs". Let's take a look at the details.

"Custom-made quality" in Snaidero, even from a design point of view thanks to base, wall and tall units with increased depths and cm adjustable heights to guarantee maximum flexibility and all the storage you wish for.  The result? "Space tailored to your needs". Let's take a look at the details.

The issue of the small sizes of new-build houses is a very current one; however, furnishing small spaces does not always mean compromising on the available storage space to cope with family needs. 
Snaidero kitchens can be designed to use cupboards and wall units that are made-to-measure, namely modules that are standard but which have been made flexibility with variability to the centimetre. In actual fact, Snaidero standard elements provide those advantages that usually come with custom-made furniture. The wall units are available in the standard heights of 49, 62, 75 and 105 cm but can also be height adjusted to the cm at will, up to a maximum of 134 cm. This factor, combined with the increased depth to 35 cm, makes it possible to cope with the storage needs of the largest families!

cucina moderna orange cucina moderna orange

Even the cupboards in their standard heights of 130, 182 and 208 cm can reach maximum heights of 274 cm, thanks to the over-tall unit elements that can be used to store all the appliances and accessories which are seldom used.

 Cucina moderna Way progetto Mosca 8​​

Cucina moderna Way progetto Mosca 6

In this way, the kitchen height blends in perfectly with your space needs and the different architectural characteristics of the space where it is fitted, since it can be designed while leaving plenty of room between the units and the ceiling, or - as the latest trends would have it - designing full-height wall units and tall units. 

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