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Quality lovers

20 January 2020

Shall we play?

Have you ever seen a child play?

If you have had the fortune, you will have noticed that children completely lose themselves in a wonderful world which is as distant for us as it is real for them.


Watching them play is lovely and is also a chance for us to become kids again and re-experience that incredible sense of engagement that is so charming and makes them so peaceful. It would be nice if there was a little room for carefree play also in our lives, a chance to forget our everyday problems and immerse ourselves in a wonderful and absorbing world.

This is the gift that Snaidero gives us in the kitchen: have you ever thought about a glass kitchen? Although not something we often consider, neither are we talking about magic: as well as aesthetically stunning, glass is a material that enables us to create incredible light effects and strong textural sensations.

One example is the glass version of our Way Materia: glass is a material that plays with the light, changing colour and nuance; it creates different visual effects, continuously changing compositions, according to the lighting.

It is a sophisticated game...for grown-ups!

So, while we continue to watch and learn from children as they play, we can play with glass at the same time!

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