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28 February 2014
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Partitions are almost non existent, spaces can be enjoyed freely, look wide and are extremely functional. Our suggestions to furnish an open space.

Partitions are almost non existent, spaces can be enjoyed freely, look wide and are extremely functional. These are all the characteristics that best describe an open space, to meet the contemporary need for spaces that are designed for flexible use by those who live in them.

While houses become smaller, the need to organise and subdivide the space intensifies. Versatility and adaptation have become bywords for an interior designer and the solutions offered by our kitchens are truly endless.
Finding the right STYLE that best suits your home and aesthetic taste is the starting point. Preference may be given to more modern and contemporary settings, to a more classic look, or even to a style that is able to mix and contaminate the spaces. In this context, selecting the right DETAILS to personalise your spaces so that the living room and the kitchen can suitably match, plays a fundamental role.
Adopting a consistent STYLE is an important basic rule to enhance the overall appearance. An extravagant detail is acceptable when displayed consciously and willingly.

For a kitchen to be the perfect living space, there are three golden rules to follow:


The kitchen-living room environment must clearly serve various functions. Consequently, the overall visual impact of the furniture should be assessed carefully. An all wood effect could prove too heavy: to those who love warm and material surfaces, we suggest an overall lighter impact by resorting to white elements or touches of colours on lacquered elements, glass or on the cheaper veneered and laminate materials. In accordance with your own personal taste, we suggest that you opt for monochromatic solutions in the living room and in the kitchen rather than alternate two colours in both areas. A more traditional choice would be to have the kitchen in one colour and the living room in another contrasting colour. The multicolour alternative is not to be excluded. When properly designed, the result is a lively, contemporary and young environment.

kitchen open space


Do you fancy an island, peninsula or linear solution? The simplest solution is to arrange the kitchen along one wall or around a corner, leaving the central space free. This solution is ideal for small spaces, studio apartments or small flats. Island or peninsula solutions are often used to enhance the space in the middle and to contain and separate, at the same time, the kitchen area from the living room. These solutions are equipped with hobs, counter tops to expand the work surface, snack counters and tall stools. Another way to separate the kitchen from the living area is to use shelving sets for an open view between the two environments. If the space is not too small and you wish to clearly divide the kitchen, a plasterboard semi wall can be built to increase the wall space for other furniture or frames.

kitchen open space


To encourage continuity and make functionality playful, small complements can be useful, such as, for example, the various shelving solutions in the Snaidero range. The two-face piece, for example, can be used on one side to house paperbacks and hardcovers, and on the other to stack recipe books. Alternatively, use it to display glasses, plates or other objects for use in both areas.

kitchen open space

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